London Day 6

Yesterday I had booked a shoot with "Lucifera", a lovely woman that I've been chatting a bit with on Facebook prior to this, discussing what to shoot and where and so on. 

It turned into the longest shoot I've done, and I was exhausted at the end of the day (back at the hotel at 11:30 at night). It took us to Abney Park Cemetery, one of the "Magnificent Seven" cemeteries built in the 1830's-1840's in Stoke Newington and to The Well Hall Pleasuance, a garden in Eltham. 

But it was a great day, "Lucifera" was really professional, super nice and awesome to work with. And the day produced quite a lot of shots, which I post one sample of here. More will come when I'm back in Sweden again and will be found eventually in my portrait section.