Concert photography

Live concert photography pt. 11

This time it's Swedish power metal band Steel Attack.

I shot these ones (like many others) at a festival called Gates of Metal, held in Hultsfred , Sweden and while listening to one band I was approached by the (dark haired) guitarist, the vocalist and their manager asking me if I was there to do photography and if I wanted to shoot some shots for Steel Attack's website. I agreed and the shot their performance and while I'm not a fan of power metal, it wasn't bad. My photos ended up on their website and I got credit for it. They have changed line-up a few times I think and the shots are not on their website anymore.

But nice guys and cool to be asked like that.

Live concert photography

I've done this stuff quite a bit in the past, but haven't done it for quite a while. One reason is that even if Sweden is one of the largest countries when it comes to exporting extreme metal to the world, there are very few concerts here, at least in my region. So I haven't been to many concerts the last few years and I simply can't be bothered travelling too far either (lazy). 

And I've had these shots posted before, just not on this website, but I will start to post a few shots now and then. Bear in mind that these shots are a few years old, been taken with a noisier  DSLR with mostly with a tele lens out in the crowd (I don't work for anyone so it's impossible to get press accreditation and a good place in front of the stage). The members have also changed in a few of these bands as they tend to do.

And I'll start off this very light with probably my favourite shot, Shagrath of Norwegian melodic/symphonic black metal band Dimmu Borgir, which sadly was lost before being able to backup, so a small version is all that is left and this is a shot people have been interested in buying more than once...

Shagrath of Dimmu Borgir