Fujinon XF 35mm f/1.4 R

3 Legged Thing Equinox Winston

So I received this tripod the other day through a 20% off drive at one of Sweden's best known camera stores, so I got it at very nice price even if it's still not exactly a cheap tripod. I just did a quick test today to check it out, so this is not a review, just a few thoughts. 

This tripod is extremely sturdy. It's made of 8 layer 100% pure carbon fibre and magnesium alloy. It is the biggest tripod that 3LT have in their current line-up of awesomeness. It's also the third 3LT tripod I have in my possession now. It's not a travel tripod, since it's too big and heavy, though it's still not heavy and ways in at 1.75kg without the head. The head that comes with it is the Airhed 360 which weighs 408g and the combination seems extremely sturdy. The tripod and the head both have a maximum load capacity of 40kg, which is quite a lot. I also added the Equinox Switch Clamp which is a quick release clamp instead of the "screw in and tighten" clamp that is original (which is a 360 pano clamp on this one, but I don't shoot panoramas anyways) and it works very smoothly and clamps on with a very firm grip on my RSS L-plate (all 3LT heads and clamps are Arca Swiss compatible). 

The locking system is second to none and since the tubes on this tripod are pretty fat, the locks are big, chunky and awesome to use (made of rubberised magnesium alloy). And while the locks are good on my 3LT Brian, these are even better. 

And like all other 3LT tripods, one leg is removable and can be used as a monopod. 

At the bottom of the center column, there is an attachment ring to hang some type of ballast from, to weigh the tripod down even more during extremely windy conditions. The tripod comes in a nice carrying bag (with shoulder strap) made of military grade canvas, which can be used as a ballast as well. It also comes with a multi tool/carabiner/bottle opener.

So yes, this is not the smallest or lightest tripod, but compared to my old Manfrotto 055 Nat3 tripod it's not even half its weight. And even though my 3LT Brian is awesome and sturdy for nearly everything, when it comes to several minute long exposures at the beach, something even sturdier is needed since even the slightest movement will end in a blurry photo, that's why I got this tripod, even if it won't come with me when I travel abroad. 


That stands for London Film and Comic Con, which I attended one and a half week ago. 

It was a pretty cool experience, since I've never been to one before, and there's an even bigger one apparently (Anna Quinn told me so) at the end of May, with more of everything, including cosplayers, so I guess I'll have to go for the last week of May next year instead of first week. 

 It was hard to get any decent shots of cosplayers, since there was crap backgrounds and other people everywhere, but here are a few shots anyways.  

London July/August 2016 Day 9

Yesterday I went to London Film and Comic Con, held at Olympia, London. 

Quite a lot of people, but heard that it had been packed on Saturday, so was glad that I went on Sunday instead. One of the reasons to go there was to have a look at what it was like, be able to shoot some cosplayers in costumes, and the other reason to go on Sunday was to catch up with Anna Quinn, the model I shot with in Copenhagen in the end of June. 

I met Anna and we chatted a little bit and she was dressed as HellBoy, and looked awesome. 

I saw quite a lot of cosplayers dressed up in different costumes, some that I recognised and some I didn't. And with quite a large difference in quality and time/money put into their costumes. it was fun though, but I was pretty tired after the visit. I will post some more photos here. Now here comes one of Anna/HellBoy. 

London July/August 2016 Day 7

Had an interesting model shoot with the lovely Chloe yesterday. It took us south of the Thames and to Nunhead Cemetery, one of the Magnificent Seven, cemeteries built in the 1830's-1840's. 

We were running a little bit late and when we got to Nunhead station, it started raining. Awesome. We didn't explore as much as we wanted both because of the weather even if it cleared up and stopped raining after a little while, but also that we were running a bit late. 

After that we went to the more multi cultural East London and to the wonderful part called Hackney. Hackney has been a bit gentrified as I've heard but while sitting on the overground train it looked kinda shit around the area and it hasn't got the best reputation. We were not shooting in the street, but at a rather nice hotel next to Hackney Central station. 

I got back my to hotel after midnight so it was a long day, but we got some nice shots. And here's a quick edit and preview of one of them.

London July/August 2016 Day 4-5-6

So been doing a little bit of this and little bit of that the last couple of days.. 

On day 5 I was supposed to have done a model shoot, but unfortunately my model had to cancel since she was covered in heat rashes. Did not look very nice, judging from the photos of her body that she sent me and I hope you'll get better soon. 

Yesterday I did do a model shoot with the lovely Beth Smith in Epping Forest. Very nice place and model and I had a good time  and will post process the photos when I'm back in Sweden. Here's just a test I did. 

And today I'm off to do another model shoot. 

London Day 6

Yesterday I had booked a shoot with "Lucifera", a lovely woman that I've been chatting a bit with on Facebook prior to this, discussing what to shoot and where and so on. 

It turned into the longest shoot I've done, and I was exhausted at the end of the day (back at the hotel at 11:30 at night). It took us to Abney Park Cemetery, one of the "Magnificent Seven" cemeteries built in the 1830's-1840's in Stoke Newington and to The Well Hall Pleasuance, a garden in Eltham. 

But it was a great day, "Lucifera" was really professional, super nice and awesome to work with. And the day produced quite a lot of shots, which I post one sample of here. More will come when I'm back in Sweden again and will be found eventually in my portrait section.

London May 2015 Part 2: Highgate Cemetery

As I've mentioned, I just made a week long trip to London and I want to start with some photos from my visit at Highgate Cemetery.

Highgate Cemetery was established in 1839 as one of the "Magnificent Seven", cemeteries that was established at that time around London and which Highgate is probably the most well known.

At that time London expanded and its population doubled in a few years as a result of the industrialisation. And with that, the amount of dead people doubled too. The state of burial arrangements in the Victorian London was not that awesome and the smell from its burial grounds, as a result of shallow graves and corpses piled on top of each other, was not as of roses...

So they started to build cemeteries. And Highgate is a very fine example. It's divided into the East and the West cemetery of which the West one is the most interesting, though only available through guided tours which I recommend to take (though not enough time to find, compose and take photos). The East cemetery is also very nice and there are some famous people buried there such as Douglas Adams and Karl Marx for example.

Any how, end of the history lection and on to some photos. Enjoy.

Blackie. East Cemetery

Egyptian Avenue. West Cemetery.

West Cemetery.

Circle of Lebanon. West Cemetery.

Chamber of Death. West Cemetery.

Percy. East Cemetery.

For Fred. East Cemetery.

Circle of Lebanon. West Cemetery.

Copenhagen Street Photography Part 23

So the trip to Copenhagen over easter was pretty okay. The weather was, well, like April weather. It was sunny and you could sense a bit of spring in the air, then minutes after it started snowing and then went back to sunny and a bit warmer again. I mean, wtf weather?!

When it comes to actual photography, it was a bit meh. Or I was a bit meh. But I've got a few to show, so enjoy.

Copenhagen Street Photography Part 20

So, I had been planning on going to Copenhagen today to try out a very much avaited new part of my photography eqipment.. But I've done something to my foot at work so I'm currently half crippled and not able to walk around without being in agony.

So, instead this day is spent planning and making up plans for future trips to for example London. I thought I should post some more shots from Copenhagen and while looking through which to post, I thought "I've been taking quite a few shots of bikes"...

Copenhagen Street Photography Part 18

Yep, more photos from Copenhagen. In this part of the world, the opportunities for doing photography when you have a full time job (plus on call duties) are not that great since the weather is usually shit and the daylight is kinda sparse at this time of the year.

So, that's why I keep on posting shots from Copenhagen, since I have a few of them.