Street photography

Barbican Estate

I've posted a few shots of this cool place before in my cityscape section, since I visited this cool place last year while in London. This time I walked around a little bit more and it's an interesting place. The brutalist architecture is well, brutal in a way and the feeling while walking around is that it's both modern, and kinda old-ish, not ancient old, more dated and stuck in the 60's old. 

Still it's a fascinating place and here are a few shots. 

London July/August 2016 Day 2

Yesterday I went on my first photography meet up with some local street photographers. We went for the interesting Shoreditch and Brick Lane area. Unfortunately it was a bit too crowded and I found it hard getting anything interesting at all and while back at my hotel looking at the shots, nearly all of them went in the bin since they were pure garbage. 

Though it was a nice experience and the social part was great, I think I prefer doing the actual street photography on my own. But I met some nice people and had some good conversations during the photo walk and when we were done with it, we ended up for a couple of hours at a pub called Hamilton Hall just outside of Liverpool Street station, for some more conversations and refreshments. 

I'd do another meet up with this group if I get the opportunity again while being in London (and having a free schedule), because it was nice meeting some new people with the same interest, and the actual photography bit is not really the main feature.

London July/August 2016 Day 1

Just a little update.

I arrived in a really hot London yesterday afternoon. After a nice shower and some chill-out time in the wonders of human engineering (A/C in my hotel room) I went to Piccadilly Circus, had some awesome food at Jamie Oliver's Diner and walked around in SoHo and around Piccadilly Circus before going back to the hotel for the night. 

On the schedule for today is a meet up with some local street photographers in Shoreditch/Brick Lane for some street shooting. And after that, we'll see. :) I just hope the temperature will fall a bit...

Btw, this guy was shouting like a lunatic, with his "Repent ye" sign. The religious ones are weird.

Models booked for upcoming London trip

This is quite awesome. Two (and probably a third) models are booked and confirmed for my upcoming trip to London in May. 

A couple of probably very different sessions, with a couple of interesting and very different models, with different looks and style. And sessions going from (as far as we have discussed) boudoir, forest/field to urban/street style. I'm really stoked since this is going to be super fun and the first time shooting models abroad. The two already booked and confirmed are full time models, so no TFP sessions.

The rest of my time will be spent doing lots of street photography (my main reason for going to London in the first place) and some architecture/night shots and hopefully not getting harassed too much by security when it comes to the last bit. I'm also gonna try and probably visit Highgate Cemetery again (since it's so awesome) and hopefully also maybe Nunhead or any other of the Magnificent Seven. 

I'll see how much I can fit in my schedule since time isn't unlimited (unfortunately). 

And I'm gonna hang on Starbucks (and Pret a Manger) with my new MacBook Pro and be cool...

I will try and update my blog while in London (at Starbucks/Pret a Manger, lol) and maybe get some fresh photos on here right away (otherwise I guess there will be lots of them when I get home again). And of course, some will pop up on my Instagram too. 

But it's still another 2,5 weeks away before I'm leaving. Damn it...

Copenhagen Street Photography Part 26

First time in Copenhagen for probably 6 months or so. It nearly felt like there was a little bit of spring in the air and at times the temperature was not even that chilly and the sun was visible. 

I walked around for a few hours before heading back to Sweden again and got to experience what the poor bastards who commute back and forth over the sound everyday have to go through these days, the identity checkpoints at Kastrup (Copenhagen Airport). This sucks big time, BUT they are necessary because of the amount of refugees (actually they’re mostly non refugees) that Sweden has been over run with the last 6 months or so. 

What hit me (since it was a while since I was here last time) is that people don’t do much fun stuff, they mostly check their phones (which can be seen in a few shots) which is not that fun, but still it was nice to spend a few hours this Saturday.

Malmöfestivalen 2015 Part 2

I went one day last week to Malmöfestivalen, the festival held in the city of Malmö every year. 

I had other things to do, like going to a music store, but walked around for a while, but did find it kinda boring, but took a few shots from around the festival area but mostly from other parts of Malmö since the festival is kinda boring. And this is the second and last part.

Copenhagen Pride Pt 1.

So, this week has been the annual Copenhagen Pride festival in Copenhagen, Denmark (duh, obviously). And yesterday was the big finale and the actual parade and I went there for the first time, the first time at any pride festival actually.

I support the rights for LGBT though never been supporting before in the way that I've been there to see the parade and stuff. But now I did and it was fun and I'll do it again. 

So, as usual there will be posts in a number of parts when I feel like it, starting now.