Herpy derp Adobe

Alright, so wtf about the Lightroom CC not being Lightroom CC but instead Lightroom Classic CC? And Lightroom Mobile being Lightroom CC, or? Many people online seem to be very confused about it, so well done Adobe, well done...



Anyways I updated a couple of days ago, nothing weird with all the VSCO presets that I've made and everything seems normal, the same is with Photoshop CC, I didn't have to move any plugins or anything. But in Lightroom, if I delete rejected photos in while in the develop module and I try to go to the library module, well, it kinda gets all fucky. Never happened before, so probably a bug in the new version. 

And about the handling of Fujifilm RAF files, I've seen some people say it's better, I've also seen someone say it's worse, I don't really care. In fact, there hasn't been any problems with the Fujifilm RAF files for a long time, I think that people probably don't know what they're doing when it comes to processing photos or actually, take photos. It's actually pretty simple. If shit goes in - shit comes out. 


I've been writing about some problems with Adobe Creative Cloud app and Lightroom before. 

Today I thought I should try and remove the app, and re-install it. That fucked everything up. I tried to use Creative Cloud uninstaller and then also Adobe's Cleaner Tool and remove everything. Did not work that well and while trying to install the Creative Cloud app it did not work at all. 

The positive thing was actually Adobe's customer support. I used their chat and a nice guy took control over my iMac (as I've read other people been forced to). Never a good feeling getting someone else to control your computer, but it worked out very well, both Lightroom and Photoshop are up and running again and it's all good. 

The thing is that I'm still running OS X 10.10.5 Yosemite, and the latest version of the Creative Cloud app only supports OS X 10.11 El Capitan, which it doesn't say or warn you about and since the app automatically tries to update itself = fail. My MacBook Pro came with El Capitan installed and it works flawlessly with with Lightroom/Photoshop. But I haven't upgraded to El Capitan on my iMac, since I also do music on this computer and both my DAW and my audio interface has only recently been totally fine with El Capitan, when it comes to compatabillity and bugs and shit. But I guess that I have to, since it's probably gonna be problems down the road with Adobe, but this time I'm really impressed by their customer support. Hats off. 

Adobe Lightroom

Well, I really like this piece of (shit) software and I use it together with Photoshop (both of them are the CC versions) for every single photo I take. I do all the major work in Lightroom too, with just a couple of minor things in Photoshop. And it's usually a very awesome software to work with. Usually...

Though after updating to Lightroom 2015.5 (or 6.5 if you don't use the CC versions, they both have the same problem) the other day it and first launching it today, it had stopped working, after being solid as a rock on my iMac (like anything else when it comes to this machine) since I got the iMac in May 2015.

But today (after spending a day in Copenhagen) it pissed me off so bad, since it simply did not launch. And due to some things in this update not working correctly with OS X (don't think Windows users have had any problems) it has made a lot of people irritated and stranded with a photos not being able to get processed.

But now finally, after a few kinda angry hours of not being able to even launch Lightroom I found a fix. Still it's very annoying and Adobe has to fix this in a proper way, with a full new update, taking care of this and it has to be soon. Stuff like this is not acceptable.

Here's a link to the thread that helped me.

Lightroom 2015.5 won't start