Herpy derp Adobe

Alright, so wtf about the Lightroom CC not being Lightroom CC but instead Lightroom Classic CC? And Lightroom Mobile being Lightroom CC, or? Many people online seem to be very confused about it, so well done Adobe, well done...



Anyways I updated a couple of days ago, nothing weird with all the VSCO presets that I've made and everything seems normal, the same is with Photoshop CC, I didn't have to move any plugins or anything. But in Lightroom, if I delete rejected photos in while in the develop module and I try to go to the library module, well, it kinda gets all fucky. Never happened before, so probably a bug in the new version. 

And about the handling of Fujifilm RAF files, I've seen some people say it's better, I've also seen someone say it's worse, I don't really care. In fact, there hasn't been any problems with the Fujifilm RAF files for a long time, I think that people probably don't know what they're doing when it comes to processing photos or actually, take photos. It's actually pretty simple. If shit goes in - shit comes out. 

Loupedeck again...

So I've received my Loupedeck, used it for a few days and simply put, it's awesome. 

I can see how this is not for everyone. I do most of my editing in Lightroom and while I don't really retouch my photos, since I pretty much hate that, I use Photoshop mainly for clearing up skin and cloning away things since I like the cloning tools better in Photoshop. Now and then I work in layers for some reason, but it's not very often but it happens. Otherwise I use Lightroom mainly for my post processing and when I get fully used to using the Loupedeck I can really see how much it will speed up my work. It has a lot of potential. 

Since I have a background with music recording and mixing and I still do some stuff in my home studio now and then, I like a "hands on" approach like a mixing desk and instead of using the mouse for adjusting highlights/shadows, exposure and things like that, having dedicated knobs to turn is VERY awesome. And assigning buttons for my presets, that is awesome as well. There are 8 programmable buttons that can be used for that and I can put the presets that I'm using at the moment on them and just change them out, but to apply those this fast and easily is awesome, since as far as I know, there is no keyboard shortcuts for that except for copying and pasting settings on to photos which is not really the same. 

And while there are keyboard shortcuts for many things, they are many times a combination of two or three keys, here they have their own keys and I like that. Of course there are not keys for every function in Lightroom, but for the main functions that I use, so far I think there is. For some it can be hard to justify the price since the Loupedeck is far from cheap, I totally get that, but for me it is so worth it. 

But I use adjustment brushes quite a bit in Lightroom, obviously I can't do that with the Loupedeck, that's a task for a mouse or pen tablet like some thing from Wacom, as is using the curve tool. 

I haven't had the Loupedeck for more than a few days, and I still have to look down to see what I'm doing sometimes, but am already starting to get used to it, and I already find it being a perfect tool for what I do. 

The only negative thing I can say so far is that it is another thing taking up space on my desk that already has no room left on it. But I can live with that...


I've been interested in the Loupedeck ever since I first saw it on Indiegogo in 2016. 

I really like the idea of a "hands on" approach to editing in Lightroom in form of a "mixing desk" and I think it will definitely quicken up the workflow, after passing the learning curve of getting used to it and not having to look for the knobs and buttons. 

As I have mentioned here more than once before, post processing is not my favourite part of photography. But since I do probably 90% of my editing in Lightroom, I think (or hope) that it will make it faster and also making it more fun because of that. 

I have not received it yet, but counting the days and it will be a perfect time to try it out since I have quite the task when it comes to editing after this (still on going) London trip. 

But yeah, I will get back on the subject. And for those who don't know what it is, have a look at the video or at Loupedeck.



Post processing is NOT the most fun part of doing photography

No, it is a part that kinda sucks, to me.

But it's a part of photography that is needed and it's nice when those photos are done. But it takes so much time and while I have posted a few new photos in my "Portraits" and "Nudes" sections, I still have a lot left to do. And I've also done a couple of new shoots since I got back from London, which has added even more to the work load. 

But I'll be done at some point next month...

Shooting tethered

So I tried shooting tethered for the actual first time yesterday. Haven't done it before, since I usually shoot on location where it's usually not super convenient to bring a laptop. 

I bought the ridiculously expensive Lightroom plugin from Adobe. For some reason my Fujifilm X-T2 needs a $79 plugin for tethering, just another way for the people at Adobe and Fujifilm (they probably share the profit) to make money. And I got a ridiculously expensive TetherPro USB 3.0 cable from Tether Tools. Sure, it's thicker and better than regular UBS cables, with gold contacts for better connection and with the one on the camera end in a 90° angle. It's also in a highly visible orange colour, which tethering cables usually are (I think). But still ridiculously expensive for what it is.  

I shot with the gorgeous Diviana in a house in Copenhagen and tethering was pretty convenient, since we could check the photos continuously from my MacBook Pro while shooting and it worked well, so in the end, I guess it was pretty well invested money, even if I probably won't use it that regularly, since I like I said before, mostly shoot on location. 

By the way, check back at the end of the week and there will probably be photos from this shoot., under Portraits and Diviana. 

Adobe Lightroom

Well, I really like this piece of (shit) software and I use it together with Photoshop (both of them are the CC versions) for every single photo I take. I do all the major work in Lightroom too, with just a couple of minor things in Photoshop. And it's usually a very awesome software to work with. Usually...

Though after updating to Lightroom 2015.5 (or 6.5 if you don't use the CC versions, they both have the same problem) the other day it and first launching it today, it had stopped working, after being solid as a rock on my iMac (like anything else when it comes to this machine) since I got the iMac in May 2015.

But today (after spending a day in Copenhagen) it pissed me off so bad, since it simply did not launch. And due to some things in this update not working correctly with OS X (don't think Windows users have had any problems) it has made a lot of people irritated and stranded with a photos not being able to get processed.

But now finally, after a few kinda angry hours of not being able to even launch Lightroom I found a fix. Still it's very annoying and Adobe has to fix this in a proper way, with a full new update, taking care of this and it has to be soon. Stuff like this is not acceptable.

Here's a link to the thread that helped me.

Lightroom 2015.5 won't start

Battling in Lightroom and Photoshop...

So, I'm down to my last few days of vacation, using the time to go through the photos from my trip to London and Copenhagen, I will post photos here this weekend, either in the galleries or here om the blog most probably both. And I've been irritating myself a bit on Lightroom, well I guess mostly on Photomatix Pro because it has cluttered my harddrive with temporary files making the whole system slow and nearly breaking down. Photomatix is supposed to delete temporary files when it's shut down, but it hasn't and it took me a while before I actually found the files and could delete them myself. Gonna keep an eye on it and see if it keeps on doing this or not. Might be a bug in Photomatix Pro.