Nearly done...

...with my shoots for this trip. 

I've had 5 shoots in 4 days and it's been pretty awesome most of the time. The weather wasn't really co-operating yesterday so we had to cut down on shooting time on my second shoot for the day, though we did get some good shots before that so it's all good. 

And tomorrow I'm having my last shoot with Nicole and I think it'll be pretty awesome. 

And I have to admit that I'm actually extremely happy that I bought the Fujinon XF 23mm f/1.4 R a while ago. Well, I actually bought it a lot because of having today's shoot with the amazing Ayla in mind. 
Though 35mm (FF equivalent) is not a favourite focal length of mine, it is very useful in either smaller spaces or when you want something wider, but not as wide as for example the XF 16mm f/1.4 (24mm FF equivalent) which normally is too wide and I shot a lot of my urbex shoot with Helen this Sunday and a lot at The Hacienda studio with Ayla today. But it's of course not a lens for headshots, there would be too much distortion and there I used the XF 56mm f/1.2 R, but for full or half body shots it is really nice. 



So I'm in London again...

...and started off with an epic nude shoot with Helen yesterday at an abandoned factory site outside of London. 

It was awesome, the place was so cool and Helen was fantastic, and had no limitation on what to do for a shot, and walked barefoot on broken glass, in murky water, sitting on the dirty floor, lying in moss and climbing around sharp objects and old cables, all totally nude. 

And we ran into a graffiti artist, making some art and his friend and video operator. The artist is sponsored by a spray can company and they were doing a kind of documentary for that and suddenly Helen and I had cameo rolls in it. :) 

I'm interested to see what it turned out to look like. 

I've only looked through some of the shots and made some previews for Helen and this one underneath, since my 13" MacBook Pro is a bit small to do any extensive editing on, at least for me, though it is a great little computer for travelling with. 

Gonna get ready for today's shoot but will be back with more travel stuff.




It's still not the most fun part...

Over a month since I made a post here. 

And I'm still post processing, And it's not any more fun than before. I've had a couple of shoots in the last month and I have finished processing a few shoots that are now posted in "portraits" and "nudes", but I'm still working on it and I still have more to post, but has to wait. 

Had a shoot the other day with Diviana, that didn't go too well. Sure, we got some really cool shots I think, but the forecast was not exactly right and during a supposed to be rain free day, of course it started to rain. And in the morning I had smashed my foot which hurt like a M-F. But it wasn't that bad when I left to pick Diviana up, but after a few hours in a shoe, walking around in the forest it had swollen up and I could hardly walk anymore.
So I had to stop shooting and post pone the part that I had looked forward to the most since I couldn't walk the distance and climb down the rocks that was needed. And also, the rocks would have been too dangerous as well when wet from rain and I wouldn't risk my model's safety for it.

But I was kinda pissed since it's not every day that I get to shoot with Diviana, since she's usually very busy and had to come to Sweden from Denmark. And though it's not very far, it takes a lot of time to travel.

So that was not fun, and on top of that I just realised that I have to re-do a bunch of photos that I've already put quite some time into. Sometimes it would be better to forget photography completely and stick with playing the PS4... 


New London trip

I am trying to organise a new London trip in September. I mean, hotel and flights are already taken care of, as well as a couple of shoots including models and studios for that. But I still have things to sort out and shoots to book since there are a number of models that I want to shoot with. 

Will update on this further on.

Post processing

Alright, so I'm back in Sweden, back to the old boring regular life, though I have a few cool shoots lined up for the summer. 

I left my hotel in London on Saturday morning and got home to Sweden in the evening. And on Sunday morning I woke up to the news of a new attack in London. Totally meaningless. Too bad the perpetrators were shot to death, since they deserved something much worse.

But I've already started to arrange for a new trip back ton London in Septembe again. So far I've already arranged hotel and started to organise shoots, but that hasn't come very far yet when it comes to that part. 

And I've started post processing, which will take forever since I'll start working again on the day after tomorrow and be on call again and won't have much time, which will make it an out drawn process. And it's also not exactly my favourite part of the process, but it is of course necessary. All the fun is the shooting and interacting with the models, but of course it's fun to get the actual end result, but the post processing isn't. 

So yeah, time to get back to work...

More model shoots

This is fun. This week I've been to Copenhagen twice, Monday to shoot with the lovely Sara Scarlet (those shots are live now), and yesterday with the lovely Izabella. 

And in an hour I'm picking up another lovely model named Sigrid, for another shoot. 

The last two will probably be up later in the upcoming week.

Post processing and retouch.

I look at a lot of model/portrait photos. I'm a member of sites like ModelMayhem and PurplePort for example and there are many photos to look at, specially at PurplePort. 

I see many that are lit very well or with great natural which is even better, composed well and with a beautiful and/or interesting model. And it looks amazing on a thumbnail but when it's looked at in full size, it's retouched beyond infinity. The model doesn't have a single wrinkle, line, freckle or pore, just a smoothed out plastic face. This is very common but why in the actual fuck do people do this? 

On a place like PurplePort you can give "love" to photos and it has stopped me countless times from giving any "love" since I find it hideous when photographers/retouchers do this. And it's not only for headshots, it's for full body nude shots for example. And not even nudes either, any shots with skin showing. There's nothing natural looking about it and it totally puts me off if it's done like that. 

Yes, I think it's okay to do it a tiny tiny bit, I do that myself sometimes, but only if something is really disturbing so to speak. Or if the model had a pimple that day and she feels bad about it, sure I would get rid of it in post, but I would never smooth someone out completely and take away their natural look and beauty. Nope, never. And I would like to think that it's offensive to the model, it's like "you're not good enough and I'll reconstruct your looks".

I know, it's more or less the "industry standard" but it's fucked up and I hate it, but I know that many people love these type of photos, I don't understand why but we're all different with different tastes. I guess that it's the same type of people who think that over saturated photos, with nearly black unnaturally looking clouds, with huge amount of halos around edges are just "wow" and "beautiful". 
The same people might probably not like my photos, well people might not like them in general, I don't know, they might not be retouched, edited and polished enough, but that's how I do it. Of course I edit photos, but I don't retouch them, maybe that's the difference. I am a pretty heavy user of VSCO film presets for example. Presets that I alter quite heavily to make them my own and use for all images to give them a certain look that I like. But still, I don't turn my models into aliens. I shoot the models that I shoot because I think they're beautiful the way they are.

NSFW and some stuff that has happened lately

I'm thinking about separating my portraits and the nude stuff that I have shot and that I am going to shoot in the future.

On Thursday the 23rd I went to Copenhagen to shoot U.K. model Anna Quinn and she was amazing. A super pro model, crazy beautiful and such a sweetheart. I had a great time, and I think she had one too and we had some nice conversations while walking around Christianshavn and shooting. It was awesome and I hope I can catch up with her in London in a few weeks, since we talked about doing that. Her photos are already in my portrait section. Hopefully I'll be able to shoot with Anna again when I return to London not this, but next time in May 2017.

And I am starting to see the light in the tunnel when it comes to editing shots from last weekend. I shot with a Copenhagen based model called Diviana. Also a super awesome model and I think the least shy person I have ever met. We shot in Jægersborg Dyrehave in Klampenborg, just outside of Copenhagen, Denmark on Saturday the 25th. It was a really nice shoot, and Diviana is also really good at what she's doing, beautiful and such a nice person as well. And she was walking around completely naked most of the time and seemed super relaxed about it, which made me feel relaxed as well since I'm not very used to shoot nudes yet, but it was awesome. But it resulted in an crazy amount of photos and I've been working on them every night after work this passed week and all day today and I'll probably have half a day tomorrow as well before I'm done. And we've already talked about shooting together again, and I have a few ideas of expanding what we've already shot and also on some other stuff.

But based on the amount of nude shots I got from this shoot and since I plan on posting quite a few of them, and also since I've got a few nudes from before has made me think that I should separate them into a gallery of their own. 

So, maybe tomorrow night or early in next week, I'll be posting these new nude shots in a completely new gallery, probably just named NSFW.