Been swearing by (and still am) my F-stop backpacks as the best ones you could get today, and they are. Though I'm not as impressed with their shoulder bags, not that they would be of an inferior quality than the backpacks, I just don't fancy their looks. 

But of lately I've got to know about Wotancraft, a company based in Taiwan that makes hand crafted bags of top notch quality (I’ve learned that after reading and watching reviews of their bags).

Basically they have two collections, the “Urban Classic” which is basically just made out of premium leather and not really my style (plus I think they might be a bit heavy). But then they have the “City Explorer” which looks like WWII era army bags (not camera bags) in waxed canvas with leather details. They seem very rugged and got the right kinda worn old looks which is awesome. 

So I emailed them about two things. First, I listed some gear and asked if they knew if it would fit in a good useful way (it has to be easy to get to the gear) and second, if they knew if a 13” MacBook Pro would fit in it. They replied the following day (Sweden and Taiwan is not exactly in the same time zone) with a very friendly and nice email, with a photo where they had put a 13” MacBook Pro, a Fujifilm X100 and some other stuff. And they also told me that they owned different parts of the Fuji gear that I listed themselves, and that they would bring their gear to the office and take a photo and send it to be (after the holidays). That is pretty awesome I think, and really service minded. 

I’m already pretty much sold on the bag, but am looking for their next reply and photo which will give me the last input I need.  

Here’s a link to the Scout.