More model shoots

This is fun. This week I've been to Copenhagen twice, Monday to shoot with the lovely Sara Scarlet (those shots are live now), and yesterday with the lovely Izabella. 

And in an hour I'm picking up another lovely model named Sigrid, for another shoot. 

The last two will probably be up later in the upcoming week.

Copenhagen Street Photography Part 26

First time in Copenhagen for probably 6 months or so. It nearly felt like there was a little bit of spring in the air and at times the temperature was not even that chilly and the sun was visible. 

I walked around for a few hours before heading back to Sweden again and got to experience what the poor bastards who commute back and forth over the sound everyday have to go through these days, the identity checkpoints at Kastrup (Copenhagen Airport). This sucks big time, BUT they are necessary because of the amount of refugees (actually they’re mostly non refugees) that Sweden has been over run with the last 6 months or so. 

What hit me (since it was a while since I was here last time) is that people don’t do much fun stuff, they mostly check their phones (which can be seen in a few shots) which is not that fun, but still it was nice to spend a few hours this Saturday.

Copenhagen Pride Pt 1.

So, this week has been the annual Copenhagen Pride festival in Copenhagen, Denmark (duh, obviously). And yesterday was the big finale and the actual parade and I went there for the first time, the first time at any pride festival actually.

I support the rights for LGBT though never been supporting before in the way that I've been there to see the parade and stuff. But now I did and it was fun and I'll do it again. 

So, as usual there will be posts in a number of parts when I feel like it, starting now.

Copenhagen Street Photography Part 23

So the trip to Copenhagen over easter was pretty okay. The weather was, well, like April weather. It was sunny and you could sense a bit of spring in the air, then minutes after it started snowing and then went back to sunny and a bit warmer again. I mean, wtf weather?!

When it comes to actual photography, it was a bit meh. Or I was a bit meh. But I've got a few to show, so enjoy.

Copenhagen Street Photography Part 20

So, I had been planning on going to Copenhagen today to try out a very much avaited new part of my photography eqipment.. But I've done something to my foot at work so I'm currently half crippled and not able to walk around without being in agony.

So, instead this day is spent planning and making up plans for future trips to for example London. I thought I should post some more shots from Copenhagen and while looking through which to post, I thought "I've been taking quite a few shots of bikes"...

Copenhagen Street Photography Part 18

Yep, more photos from Copenhagen. In this part of the world, the opportunities for doing photography when you have a full time job (plus on call duties) are not that great since the weather is usually shit and the daylight is kinda sparse at this time of the year.

So, that's why I keep on posting shots from Copenhagen, since I have a few of them.