Still alive...

I’m having vacation from my job and soon halfway into it. I mean, wtf? Where does time go?

I’ve been keeping away from photography for months, though I did two shoots in June and I have just started editing the shots, but will probably have some of them here maybe beginning of next week.

I also have two shoots (and probably some shots too from a meet up I’m gonna have with one of my models that I haven’t met for about 2 years now) in August which hopefully be fun. I mean, both are brilliant models, but you never know with the weather, and the weather can fuck you over pretty bad and ruin a lot.

But we’ll see, I’m looking forward to it though.

Still "that time of year"...

Haven’t touched a camera since September. How does that feel? Pretty good actually. Haven’t done anything photography related for months and it’s pretty sweet. Just been doing music, which is nice. Do I miss photography? Not really. Am I quitting photography? No, just having a break. Trying to distance myself from the whole “photography community” since it’s so boring.

I’ve expressed it before and I’m so fucking fed up with gear talk. Actual photos are still interesting, but the constant gear talk and pixel peeping and all that, please kill me…

Oh, I saw yesterday that Adobe has done this new update with detail enhancement which supposedly will benefit Fujifilm for example. Cool, I haven’t updated anything for months. Haven’t opened Lightroom/Photoshop for months and probably can’t be bothered now either...

But sure, I have booked a few new model shoots for this year, and more will come, so again, I am not quitting photography, the big question is if I can use my gear, it’s a couple of years old now, so obsolete and probably unusable…

It's that time of year again...

So it’s winter again. And in the south of Sweden that means 5 months of grey skies, cold rain, the occasional snow and slush, and wind. The ever present wind. Fuck you wind.

It doesn’t make me want to pick up a camera and go out shooting and I actually haven’t touched a camera since September, and probably won’t for another few months. I’ve been focusing on music instead.
Though I’ve seen casting calls for a few interesting models visiting Copenhagen, Denmark, but since I don’t have studio to shoot at (well, I don’t really like studios in general anyways) I’ve had to pass. I still have two shoots to edit, I just haven’t had the time or well, the inspiration to do it, but I have to do it soon.

Anyways, I probably won’t pick up a camera for a few months, but hopefully one of my favourite models will come and visit and shoot with me towards the spring and then it’ll be time to pick it up again. Until then, not much is gonna happen here, well until I’ve edited those shoots at least.

I'm bored to death with gear heads.

Here we go again... 

So Nikon is entering the FF mirrorless arena with their Z6 and Z7. Who cares? A lot of Nikon shooters, I guess. And good for them. I'm just tired of all people who'll sell all their gear, be it what ever brand, just to get the newest. I've changed system twice myself. I had Minolta back in the 90's, moved to Canon in 2003 and in 2014 to Fujifilm (though kept my 5D MkIII for a while "just in case"). So one thing is if you want to change from DSLR to mirrorless for example, but going from Nikon to Sony to Fujifilm to Nikon again or any other path. Either read up on what system you're actually buying into, think about what you're shooting and what your needs are, don't be the first to jump on the train for something just because it's new or simply make your mind up and start shooting instead. 

Sure, if your camera's image quality sucks, get something newer, but no modern camera's image quality sucks, so most likely you've just got GAS. 

I still haven't bought the Fujifilm X-H1 for example. I use my money to hire models to actually shoot for example. But sure, I can see myself getting the X-H1 since I've been meaning to get into video for quite a while, but it will probably be its successor instead. Maybe. 

Is my X-T2 the best camera ever? Definitely not, but it's still pretty damn good, especially for what I shoot. Do I need 45 megapixels? Nope. Do I need FF? Nope. Though FF is better for higher ISO and also dynamic range so of course, that is a good thing. I could get even shallower DOF with FF, sure, but I don't really need any shallower DOF than I already have. Would I like an even better autofocus? Sure. Would a better Eye/Face detection be great? Sure, that could be cool. Do I need it? Nope. Would I switch to Sony to get FF, better autofocus and Eye/Face detection? Never. Sony is killing it right now and they've got cameras that delivers great image quality. Do I want one? Nope. Nothing about them gives me a bit of the good old GAS, I'm totally indifferent. 

One of the greatest things with the Fujifilm X-T2 for example, is that there are direct dials for ISO, shutter speed and exposure compensation and then you have an actual aperture ring on the lenses. I think the actual handling of the camera is second to none. I will never go back to anything else if I'm not forced to it at some point. And then we have the lenses. They are pretty damn good as well, probably some of the best lens lineups there are today, and they're also not extremely expensive (with an exception of the XF 200mm f/2). Would I'd like Fujifilm to make some things better, I sure do. Is it better in the X-H1, maybe a couple of things. Are things gonna be better in the upcoming X-T3, maybe but I can't say that I'm that interested in the rumours. I'll see when it's actually released, but I have no plans in getting one.  The camera that I'd really like to get is the Fujifilm GSX50s or what comes next in line.
THAT would actually be a nice upgrade that would positively enhance and affect my own photography. Will I ever do it? Probably not, the system is just too expensive.

Okay, back to what I meant this post to be about. Gear heads.
We have the ones that buy whatever is the newest thing, what's "in" and what's the "best" to have at the moment. And we have the ones that are trying to justify their own (bad?) choices and what they've put their money into, and like to bitch about every other brand. And I'm so fucking tired of it. 

People bitch a lot about the fact that the Nikon Z6 and Z7 only have one card slot. Is it a deal breaker? For some people maybe. I always shoot with dual cards in backup mode. I'm not a pro, and do not want to be a pro either, but since I book models, and put some money into that and since it would suck if the card fails and you lose the time and money put into it. Would most "pro" photographers like to use double cards, I guess probably most, but people bitching about that you can't do pro work with a single card is just retarded. 

Ah, I can't be bothered writing any more... but Matt Granger has some good things to say about the "single card problem" and some other things as well in this video. 
Check it out.

Not the best weather so far...

  • In London - check
  • Coughing lungs out - check
  • Fucked up weather - check
  • Having to cancel shoot - check

So far not so good. Had a shoot with Sara yesterday. Wasn't too good (not her fault) since it was absolutely freezing. And I normally don't get cold that easily myself, but I am not well yet so that didn't help, and I didn't want to torture Sara either. 

So after shooting for little while in the cold, I felt kinda unmotivated and I was ready to give up. So we stopped by for a couple of hot drinks at Costa, and Sara suddenly had an idea. So thanks to that and to the friend that Sara is staying with, we had a place to shoot a little bit more inside. 

At the same time Roswell, my model for today messaged me about her fear that today's weather was getting worse than it looked like before. And our plan wouldn't work in even colder, windier and definitely rainier conditions. So we decided to cancel today. I'm not happy about it, since I really like shooting with her and was looking forward to it, but at the same time our plan wouldn't have worked and it would be a waste of time for us both. So, I'm looking forward until her upcoming visit to Denmark/Sweden in a few months . We'll make something epic out of that instead. :) 


Something is happening here

Finally, something photography related is happening here. 

I'm sitting at the Clarion Hotel at Copenhagen Airport waiting for tomorrow morning when I'm going back to the U.K. for a 14 day, 11 model tour, from London to Derby, Cardiff, York and back to London again. 

Hopefully it'll be great. It will be very very expensive and on top of that, I've been battling a cold for a couple of days, hopefully it'll get better soon. 

More updates will come soon.

Still nothing happening around here

Nope, not a single thing. And at the moment, I am on a sick leave from work since I have busted my knee and am walking with crutches. But hopefully only until later next week. 

Anyways, I'm pretty done with model booking for my upcoming London trip and awaiting my last confirmation. It'll be a busy (and expensive) trip, but hopefully worth it. 

It's that time of year again...

...where nothing really photography oriented is happening. 

It's dark when I get up in the morning for work, it's dark when I get home from work, on the weekends it's raining, so yeah, it's boring as fuck. 

Which means that my intention to start doing video has stopped as well, though I am in the middle of buying stuff that I need, at the fastest pace I can so I have what I need when the weather gets better. Though I've got time to plan for shoots at the same time. 

But if photography gear is expensive, video gear is insane...

Anyhow, don't expect too much happening here since, well, not much is happening at the moment. Don't have any shoots planned or anything at the moment since it's shit weather all the time basically and I don't really shoot at studios. Though planning for the next year has started and will hopefully do some fun stuff together with Hanna and also Diviana. And then my upcoming mega model shooting trip to London in the spring. 

So things will happen again in a couple of months.

Camera bags, why are they so damn ugly?

Yes, why is it so? Of course it's a matter of taste and all of that, but still, most of them are hideous. 

I am currently on the look out for a new shoulder bag. And while I have the awesomeness that is the Wotancraft Scout in my possession, it is a bag that unfortunately is best suited for a camera with 2 lenses (one attached) or an X100T (or similar) and some other stuff and not for a bigger load of gear for a serious portrait session for example with the X-T2 w/ battery grip and lenses. I believe it is the best and coolest looking camera shoulder bag ever though, since it definitely doesn't look like one.

And I have a couple of amazing backpacks from F-stop (hands down the best brand when it comes to backpacks), but it's not always that a backpack is the best alternative either. For some serious walking/hiking/adventuring of course, but not for everything. 

So then it comes down to shoulder/messenger bags. Unfortunately most of them are hideous. Or too small. Or both. I mean, there are many great manufacturers like Domke, Billingham and LowePro for example, but their bags are so damn awful looking and they scream "camera bag". Think Tank is another awesome brand with mostly awful looking bags except for their Retrospective line which does not scream "camera bag". I would go for another Wotancraft bag, I mean YES, they are very expensive, but they are hand made and of extremely good quality, and you get what you pay for, but at the same time I don't think they have the right bag for what I'm looking for. It would be the Ranger but it goes for a whopping €629 and I still think it might be a bit small actually. Then there are ONA bags, all hipster photographer's favourite (as it seems to me). They are a bit on the expensive side (not like Wotancraft though) and they have a couple of bags that seem pretty good, but again, too small. 

So I think this might actually come down to the mentioned Think Tank and their Retrospective 30. It actually looks pretty cool and not like a camera bag and it seem to have quite a lot of space in it and it gets a lot of very good reviews. So even if I do want to get the Wotancraft Ranger, I might not be totally satisfied because of its size. And if I'd pay that much for a bag, I'd like to be satisfied. 

I'll get back on the subject.

Fro is pretty right here

Jared is pretty right about this. 

There are limitations to what you can do with some gear, nothing can change that, but at the same time there is nothing that stops anyone to still take great shots unregarding to what type of camera equipment you have. It really is to know and use what you've got. 

The Reality of Making a Living with Photography

I am not a professional photographer and I don't want to be either. Matt Day pretty much explains all the reasons why I would not want to be a professional photographer, in this honest video. 

Following is not about photography, but it's similar.

Many years ago, I built a recording studio with one of my oldest friends since that's what I always wanted to do. I put all my spare time into building it and then running it, not full time since I had my regular job as well, but on a semi pro level so to speak. For years, it totally killed my passion for music, having to record, sure some good but more often not so good music. Projects that I didn't want but had to do, so I can really relate to this.

I often read in forums where people desperately wants to be full time professional photographers. They want it so much, but I don't think they have a clue of what they're getting themselves into. I think they have a pretty romanticised version of what it's like to "be a pro". For some it would mean that you get to travel the world, shooting landscapes and animals for National Geographic, or shooting fashion shows or editorials for Vogue or something like that, depending on what you're into. For a few lucky people (they are few compared to how many people there are who wants to), that dream comes through.
But for most people who try out being a pro, they'll end up struggling to find jobs, and when they find them, they're not fun projects, but boring ones, with customers who doesn't want to pay. This struggle kills their passion for photography and they'll end up shooting catalogues for shitty school kids, something as repetitive as working on an assembly line, and they'll have to do it just to survive. 

So absolutely no thanks. 

But watch the video.

It's still not the most fun part...

Over a month since I made a post here. 

And I'm still post processing, And it's not any more fun than before. I've had a couple of shoots in the last month and I have finished processing a few shoots that are now posted in "portraits" and "nudes", but I'm still working on it and I still have more to post, but has to wait. 

Had a shoot the other day with Diviana, that didn't go too well. Sure, we got some really cool shots I think, but the forecast was not exactly right and during a supposed to be rain free day, of course it started to rain. And in the morning I had smashed my foot which hurt like a M-F. But it wasn't that bad when I left to pick Diviana up, but after a few hours in a shoe, walking around in the forest it had swollen up and I could hardly walk anymore.
So I had to stop shooting and post pone the part that I had looked forward to the most since I couldn't walk the distance and climb down the rocks that was needed. And also, the rocks would have been too dangerous as well when wet from rain and I wouldn't risk my model's safety for it.

But I was kinda pissed since it's not every day that I get to shoot with Diviana, since she's usually very busy and had to come to Sweden from Denmark. And though it's not very far, it takes a lot of time to travel.

So that was not fun, and on top of that I just realised that I have to re-do a bunch of photos that I've already put quite some time into. Sometimes it would be better to forget photography completely and stick with playing the PS4... 


Post processing is NOT the most fun part of doing photography

No, it is a part that kinda sucks, to me.

But it's a part of photography that is needed and it's nice when those photos are done. But it takes so much time and while I have posted a few new photos in my "Portraits" and "Nudes" sections, I still have a lot left to do. And I've also done a couple of new shoots since I got back from London, which has added even more to the work load. 

But I'll be done at some point next month...

More post processing...

Still trying to get stuff done, so I can actually post any new photos. 

But still post processing which I have only done a little since been on call at work since I got back from London (and doing more shoots). But there will soon be new non nudes and nudes posted here. Lots of them. 

Post processing

Alright, so I'm back in Sweden, back to the old boring regular life, though I have a few cool shoots lined up for the summer. 

I left my hotel in London on Saturday morning and got home to Sweden in the evening. And on Sunday morning I woke up to the news of a new attack in London. Totally meaningless. Too bad the perpetrators were shot to death, since they deserved something much worse.

But I've already started to arrange for a new trip back ton London in Septembe again. So far I've already arranged hotel and started to organise shoots, but that hasn't come very far yet when it comes to that part. 

And I've started post processing, which will take forever since I'll start working again on the day after tomorrow and be on call again and won't have much time, which will make it an out drawn process. And it's also not exactly my favourite part of the process, but it is of course necessary. All the fun is the shooting and interacting with the models, but of course it's fun to get the actual end result, but the post processing isn't. 

So yeah, time to get back to work...

Fujifilm promoting GFX 50 with topless model

So apparently Fujifilm tried to promote its new medium format camera, the GFX 50 with a half naked female model in a room full of men. The camera is innovative and something fresh, but the way they tried to promote it wasn't. This has stirred up a bit of a shit storm, which is perfectly understandable. 

Now I don't have a problem with nudity what so ever, and I shoot nudes myself, but what happened here is not cool and does not feel very fresh. 

Well, read the article.



The topic of watermarking your photos or not has been going on forever and is still going strong on forums on the internet. 
Myself I used to do it for years, but then I stopped. For a few of reasons. 

  1. If someone wants to steal my photos, they have and they will, watermarked or not. 
  2. It doesn't look very nice even if the watermark is a nice logo, font or combination. 
  3. For it to be effective, it has to be big and cover a lot of the photo and why then even upload it.

There are a few reasons to keep watermarking, but I decided a few years ago not to use it anymore and I don't think I will change it back.

Anyhow, here's a pretty good video from Jason Lanier regarding this subject. 

Are cameras sexy?

No. They're cameras. 

Came across this discussion on a Fujifilm group on Facebook. 
I understand if someone is enthusiastic about their new camera, but posting photos of your camera and saying it's sexy? It's a camera. It's a tool to take photos with, that's all it is. It's fine if you like it, but sexy? 

I prefer to shoot with my X-T2 (and X-T1 and X100t) because they're more fun and enjoyable to shoot with than my Canon 5D MkIII. And they're smaller and lighter with better dynamic range and so on and so one. And I like the "hands on" approach of the Fujifilm cameras, with the type of shutter speed and ISO controls that they have and the aperture ring on the lenses. Back to basics, kinda, but it makes them more fun to shoot with for me.

What I don't get is the sexy part. 
And I don't get why someone would be buying the newly announced graphite version just because "it looks cool". Especially not when people sell their X-T2 (or X-Pro2) and lose money, to buy the same camera, with the same specs, just more expensive, less stealthy and just completely unnecessary. If you buy a camera for its looks, you're a hipster. 

But congratulations Fujifilm, you've found a way to cash in on some people's GAS, 


So I'm currently doing some changes here on the website. 

I've lately been experiencing some lagging while opening galleries when it's been loading the content and it's annoying and a couple of friends have pointed it out as well while having a look on my website. I've also been experiencing it while I've been updating my galleries and to be able to do that, I had to change plan and go for a new one more than twice the price, which kinda sucks.

But I've moved things around a bit, creating sub galleries under the portraits, nudes galleries for each model, and seascape/landscape/waterscape galleries and now simply call those nature

It helped in the galleries with less photos but not so much the ones that are image heavy, so I might have to get in touch with Squarespace and complain a bit since I now pay much more for this website. But I still like it and it's very nice to work with and I'm not so keen on doing coding and shit by myself since I'm not up to date with that. I once could do some html coding, but that was back in the day and now I'm just lost and not very interested in doing it either.

The last days I've also been editing photos of the lovely Diviana who I spent a day shooting nudes in the forest. I'll be done today and will probably be posting some new nudes tomorrow.

When I'm done with the nudes, I'll be editing some new photos I took with Hanna and they're probably the coolest ones we've done so far. I'll probably be posting these tomorrow as well.