...but it has turned out better

After a rocky start when it comes to the weather it has turned around. 

I've been to Cardiff, Wales, where the weather looked really bad at the beginning but turned out pretty nice. I started to shoot with Stephanie in my hotel room which was pretty huge (got upgraded for some reason) and after that she took me to a couple of awesome places.

Sgwd Henrhyd (iPhone shot)

Sgwd Henrhyd (iPhone shot)

The Sgwd Henhryd (highest waterfall in South Wales, 27 meters high) which was awesome but for the day raging wild with mist spraying all over the place. And while we took a bunch of nudes here (which will eventually be posted), it was too dangerous to do what's usually can be done here. 

After that, Stephanie took me to another awesome location called Nash Point. We had to time it with the tide, because it can only be reached at low tide. And while shooting there, it has to be monitored so the tide won't catch you off guard since that could mean loss of equipment and even life from the truly raging see. We took many shots, mostly nudes there and they will be posted in the future when I'm back in Sweden and have had the time to post process them. 

I had a full and awesome day with Stephanie who's so nice and awesome, and which I hope I can shoot with again in a not so far future. 

After my second night in Cardiff it was time to catch the train towards York. But first I stopped by in Newport to shoot with Angharada. We had a great time, shooting in her own place, not as grandeur as the locations I had been to the day before, but we got some really nice shots and she was awesome. 

Nash Point

Nash Point

After my shoot with Angharada I got on the train for York. What a nice little city that is. After my first night I had a full day of shooting with the little bundle of joy that is Nicole. It was my second time shooting with her and she's just awesome and funny and I had a great day, first shooting nudes at Nicole's Photography Palace (which is her flat) and then going for a walk through York, shooting some casual fashion (kind of) and portraits here and there. We did a bit of guerrilla style shooting, since Nicole decided to get naked in the museum park and we caught a few shots there in between looking out for people. Hilarious. We shall after this be known as "Team Guerrilla". Can't wait to shoot with her again. 

So after a second night here, I'm going to get ready to check out, have a little stroll around York and then catch the train back to London for a full week of shooting. Good times. 

So I'm in London again...

...and started off with an epic nude shoot with Helen yesterday at an abandoned factory site outside of London. 

It was awesome, the place was so cool and Helen was fantastic, and had no limitation on what to do for a shot, and walked barefoot on broken glass, in murky water, sitting on the dirty floor, lying in moss and climbing around sharp objects and old cables, all totally nude. 

And we ran into a graffiti artist, making some art and his friend and video operator. The artist is sponsored by a spray can company and they were doing a kind of documentary for that and suddenly Helen and I had cameo rolls in it. :) 

I'm interested to see what it turned out to look like. 

I've only looked through some of the shots and made some previews for Helen and this one underneath, since my 13" MacBook Pro is a bit small to do any extensive editing on, at least for me, though it is a great little computer for travelling with. 

Gonna get ready for today's shoot but will be back with more travel stuff.




London baby!

I've been really bad at updating my blog as usual.

Today is my ninth day in London, since arriving late on last Saturday afternoon. On the last Sunday morning I had a walk along Grosvenor Road, grabbing a few long exposure shots of the iconic Battersea Power Station from across the river Thames.

Later in the afternoon I had a walk from Embankment to South Bank and towards Westminster. Met Peter and Steve, two really nice Fujifilm enthusiasts and had a chat with them. Afterwards I grabbed a few long exposure shots of the Palace of Westminster and afterwards when I walked over Westminster Bridge I couldn't help to look over my shoulder a few extra times, while reminded of the meaningless attack on the bridge two months earlier.

On last Monday I had two great shoots with Tann and Roswell, two awesome models at a really cool studio (more like a 5 story Victorian era house). These photos will end up in my portraits and nudes sections in a few weeks when I've had the time to edit them. 

On Tuesday you could feel the tension in London, after yet another meaningless terrorist attack, this time in Manchester on Monday evening. It's always weird at least for me to see the police armed with automatic weapons, patrolling places like Oxford Circus.  

On Wednesday I had great shoot with the lovely Beth (my third shoot with her) at Epping Forest. And on the Thursday I had another awesome shoot, this time with Ayla, another amazing model, in her own home. On this Saturday I had a really cool shoot with Lauren, again in Epping Forest. Yesterday I had a great shoot with Anna. We had a full day pretty much and shot for a couple of hours on the back streets of Shoreditch, before going back to the same studio I used last Monday. 

All these shots will end up in my portraits and nudes sections in a few weeks when I've had the time to post process everything. 

And I've still got three more shoots booked for this week. Pretty cool.


This is interesting. 

Squarespace has got a built in tool called Analytics, it's also an app for my iPhone and iPad (there's probably one for Android too), that gives me statistics of how many search hits, visits and what content that is mostly watched/read. 

For quite a while, my blog post about The Angry Photographer has been the most popular thing and still is and up until a week ago things like my review of the Fujinon XF 90mm f/2 R LM WR has been on and off in second place together with my Seascapes or Portraits. But now, my new category Nudes has taken second place of most visited/watched content. 

I'm not surprised. 

Naked women are interesting. Naked women are beautiful. Most women in general are beautiful, naked or not. I'm new to this and I've only shot two women nude (sure I've maybe shot some intimate stuff with girlfriends, not intended for the public, lol) and they're both beautiful, so yeah, I'm not surprised that it's a popular content of my website. 

And that's cool. I'm not shooting nudes, well I'm not doing any type of photography (nudes are not my main thing) for anyone else than myself OR the one I'm shooting, BUT if other people find it interesting, beautiful, not so beautiful or whatever, that's cool. If not, I wouldn't even have this website and I wouldn't post any photographs here. 

And when it comes to nude photography, again it's not my main thing, but I like it and I do want to shoot more. And no, it's not for perving on beautiful naked women, it's for the art and photography perspective. And I know, I'm not the best photographer, but I'm very serious about this and I want to always get better.
And I think I've written about this before, but I like the contrasts between nature's shapes and colours and the female form and skin tones. Or for the contrasts between abandoned structures and the female form and skin tones. I have quite a few ideas, and I'd like to experiment with different techniques. Am I the only one? Definitely not, lots of others do this, but I want to do it myself, my way. Do I have a certain style yet? No, I don't think so, since I've just started doing this, but hopefully I can develop one with time. The hardest bit is to find models and good locations to shoot, but hopefully I can expand this part of my photography much further.

Canon EOS 5D MkIII w/ Lensbaby Composer Pro + Lensbaby Pinhole/Zoneplate optics

NSFW and some stuff that has happened lately

I'm thinking about separating my portraits and the nude stuff that I have shot and that I am going to shoot in the future.

On Thursday the 23rd I went to Copenhagen to shoot U.K. model Anna Quinn and she was amazing. A super pro model, crazy beautiful and such a sweetheart. I had a great time, and I think she had one too and we had some nice conversations while walking around Christianshavn and shooting. It was awesome and I hope I can catch up with her in London in a few weeks, since we talked about doing that. Her photos are already in my portrait section. Hopefully I'll be able to shoot with Anna again when I return to London not this, but next time in May 2017.

And I am starting to see the light in the tunnel when it comes to editing shots from last weekend. I shot with a Copenhagen based model called Diviana. Also a super awesome model and I think the least shy person I have ever met. We shot in Jægersborg Dyrehave in Klampenborg, just outside of Copenhagen, Denmark on Saturday the 25th. It was a really nice shoot, and Diviana is also really good at what she's doing, beautiful and such a nice person as well. And she was walking around completely naked most of the time and seemed super relaxed about it, which made me feel relaxed as well since I'm not very used to shoot nudes yet, but it was awesome. But it resulted in an crazy amount of photos and I've been working on them every night after work this passed week and all day today and I'll probably have half a day tomorrow as well before I'm done. And we've already talked about shooting together again, and I have a few ideas of expanding what we've already shot and also on some other stuff.

But based on the amount of nude shots I got from this shoot and since I plan on posting quite a few of them, and also since I've got a few nudes from before has made me think that I should separate them into a gallery of their own. 

So, maybe tomorrow night or early in next week, I'll be posting these new nude shots in a completely new gallery, probably just named NSFW.

Thoughts about nude photography

I should actually call this post "Thoughts about nude photography and a few words of appreciation for my friend and muse"
Nude photography is something I haven't been thinking about much earlier on in my "photography career" (LOL), though I have been thinking about it more for the last few months. Haha, no, not obssessively, but still something that I've been thinking more of since photography is a passion of mine and I think about it all the time and of different ways of doing it and expanding it.

It kinda started when the subject popped up while out with my beautiful friend and model Hanna, some months ago. Since I haven't been doing that much portrait photography at all earlier, except for a few times now and then I haven't really been giving it that much of a thought at all, mainly because I never thought I was really gonna get into shooting portraits and models. But after I started shooting on a regular basis with Hanna, I've been thinking about it more. In general she has been a real boost for my confidence as a photographer and I've learnt a lot together with her. And while I find it awesome fun to shoot with others (and once again, a lot of the confidence to reach out and really start looking for others to shoot with, has been given to me by and while working with Hanna) the projects and ideas that we have come up with together and yet have to try out and complete, are really special to me. And I have to say that I consider her being my creative "soulmate" and muse who inspires me the most. And no, I haven't told her all of this.

Anyways, when it comes to nude photography, you can find so many GWC (a term I heard from Lucifera who I shot with in London) Guy With Camera, someone who has a camera as an excuse to be in a room for example, with a (more or less) naked woman. And that makes it harder I guess for others who are genuinely interested in doing photography for the reason of doing photography and to try to create beautiful images in the process, to be taken seriously. And there are also other real assholes posing as photographers out there. Sexually abusive and just plain disgusting ones. Which also makes it harder at least to some degree to find "partners in crime" to work with, since I'd think that many female models are suspicious, which they rightfully should be.

But I've been thinking about it and I've been discussing on and off with Hanna about the subject of nude photography the last few months, and it's been quite interesting since I've learned even more about myself and of what I really want to do and what I definitely don't want to do when it comes to nude photography. 

I don't want to take glamour styled shots. I really dislike that type of shots. And I don't want to shoot (as we say in Sweden) "Slitz-bilder", think FHM Magazine styled photos, I really dislike them too and they are basically glamour styled shots. Many of these type of photos are with models that are photoshopped into oblivion and I really hate that.
And I don't want to shoot anything that could in any way be seen as pornographic. Fetish stuff I'm not sure about. Some of the clothes that are usually used can look really cool but I don't really want to take erotic type of shots either, so I don't think it's for me. Boudoir styled photos does appeal to me, since it's mostly implied nude and if really nude, it's usually done quite tastefully and often used with shallow DOF, which I am a very huge fan of using. 
And I don't want to shoot "open leg" (I was even unaware of that term until I joined this model/photography networking site called PurplePort a few weeks ago) photos, just because seriously? I have to say this, I am not prude in any way and nothing really shocks me when it comes to sex, and I don't hate porn. Am I a huge fan, not really, but porn is there for a reason and it's a huge market (and for example has been pushing internet technology forward which helps us all). It's got its up and downsides for people involved in it and I understand the type of photos and obviously movies involved in this. I don't believe that people are continuously used in that industry, it probably happens, yes, but I also think that many people in that industry is in it because well, they like sex, they might be exhibitionists and they like the way in which they can make a living out of it and I have no problem with that. And in porn, I can understand the "open leg" shots, with the more or less close ups of vaginas for example, since it's porn and it is what it is, jerk off material.
But do I want to see it in regular (what ever that is?) photography? No I don't. And I'm a dude and I love vaginas, and I think they are absolutely beautiful but do I want to take "open leg" close ups of vaginas and post them for all the world to see? No. Fuck no! 

So with this, am I saying I would never take a photo that might show a vagina in some way? No, definitely not that either. It could look absolutely beautiful if it's done in the right way. I love women's bodies and it's a part of it. And it might be just seeing a small hint of it being there and then nothing more maybe, it's so hard to tell, I think you have to "feel" as when you're actually doing the shoot I guess, if or not what to include (as long as everyone is in on it being either way). And I love the idea of implied nudes, where you might see a lot of skin (or not so much), but not really "everything". And I like the idea of when you see some and then leave the rest for your imagination. And I don't want to take any nudes just to show someone off just for the sake of nudity, because I don't want to objectify someone. I want to do nudes for specific ideas, for when it can look absolutely stunning (I love the combination of skin tones and greens, like moss and grass in forests for example, it might be romanticised but I really like it), as can it do while being in black and white, but basically, nudes for when it can render beautiful photographs. And as long as the one I'm shooting with is comfortable with it, which is the most important thing. And which goes for who ever it is in the future that I have in front of my camera in what ever situation it is. It is supposed to be fun, and not be weird.

And I tried doing a little bit of half nude yesterday and it didn't feel weird, which before I was afraid that it would. But no, it was just fun and I think it rendered some really awesome photos (which can be found in my portraits section). 

So I feel blessed (I hate that word since I'm so far from religious anyone can be, but for lack of a better English word) to have someone that I know, trust and feel comfortable being around and being able to explore this type of photography together with, and who I'm pretty sure feel the same way about doing this together with me. So thank you, you are truly a real treasure.