Herpy derp Adobe

Alright, so wtf about the Lightroom CC not being Lightroom CC but instead Lightroom Classic CC? And Lightroom Mobile being Lightroom CC, or? Many people online seem to be very confused about it, so well done Adobe, well done...



Anyways I updated a couple of days ago, nothing weird with all the VSCO presets that I've made and everything seems normal, the same is with Photoshop CC, I didn't have to move any plugins or anything. But in Lightroom, if I delete rejected photos in while in the develop module and I try to go to the library module, well, it kinda gets all fucky. Never happened before, so probably a bug in the new version. 

And about the handling of Fujifilm RAF files, I've seen some people say it's better, I've also seen someone say it's worse, I don't really care. In fact, there hasn't been any problems with the Fujifilm RAF files for a long time, I think that people probably don't know what they're doing when it comes to processing photos or actually, take photos. It's actually pretty simple. If shit goes in - shit comes out.