Copenhagen Street Photography Part 26

First time in Copenhagen for probably 6 months or so. It nearly felt like there was a little bit of spring in the air and at times the temperature was not even that chilly and the sun was visible. 

I walked around for a few hours before heading back to Sweden again and got to experience what the poor bastards who commute back and forth over the sound everyday have to go through these days, the identity checkpoints at Kastrup (Copenhagen Airport). This sucks big time, BUT they are necessary because of the amount of refugees (actually they’re mostly non refugees) that Sweden has been over run with the last 6 months or so. 

What hit me (since it was a while since I was here last time) is that people don’t do much fun stuff, they mostly check their phones (which can be seen in a few shots) which is not that fun, but still it was nice to spend a few hours this Saturday.