Highgate Cemetery

London May 2015 Part 2: Highgate Cemetery

As I've mentioned, I just made a week long trip to London and I want to start with some photos from my visit at Highgate Cemetery.

Highgate Cemetery was established in 1839 as one of the "Magnificent Seven", cemeteries that was established at that time around London and which Highgate is probably the most well known.

At that time London expanded and its population doubled in a few years as a result of the industrialisation. And with that, the amount of dead people doubled too. The state of burial arrangements in the Victorian London was not that awesome and the smell from its burial grounds, as a result of shallow graves and corpses piled on top of each other, was not as of roses...

So they started to build cemeteries. And Highgate is a very fine example. It's divided into the East and the West cemetery of which the West one is the most interesting, though only available through guided tours which I recommend to take (though not enough time to find, compose and take photos). The East cemetery is also very nice and there are some famous people buried there such as Douglas Adams and Karl Marx for example.

Any how, end of the history lection and on to some photos. Enjoy.

Blackie. East Cemetery

Egyptian Avenue. West Cemetery.

West Cemetery.

Circle of Lebanon. West Cemetery.

Chamber of Death. West Cemetery.

Percy. East Cemetery.

For Fred. East Cemetery.

Circle of Lebanon. West Cemetery.