...but it has turned out better

After a rocky start when it comes to the weather it has turned around. 

I've been to Cardiff, Wales, where the weather looked really bad at the beginning but turned out pretty nice. I started to shoot with Stephanie in my hotel room which was pretty huge (got upgraded for some reason) and after that she took me to a couple of awesome places.

Sgwd Henrhyd (iPhone shot)

Sgwd Henrhyd (iPhone shot)

The Sgwd Henhryd (highest waterfall in South Wales, 27 meters high) which was awesome but for the day raging wild with mist spraying all over the place. And while we took a bunch of nudes here (which will eventually be posted), it was too dangerous to do what's usually can be done here. 

After that, Stephanie took me to another awesome location called Nash Point. We had to time it with the tide, because it can only be reached at low tide. And while shooting there, it has to be monitored so the tide won't catch you off guard since that could mean loss of equipment and even life from the truly raging see. We took many shots, mostly nudes there and they will be posted in the future when I'm back in Sweden and have had the time to post process them. 

I had a full and awesome day with Stephanie who's so nice and awesome, and which I hope I can shoot with again in a not so far future. 

After my second night in Cardiff it was time to catch the train towards York. But first I stopped by in Newport to shoot with Angharada. We had a great time, shooting in her own place, not as grandeur as the locations I had been to the day before, but we got some really nice shots and she was awesome. 

Nash Point

Nash Point

After my shoot with Angharada I got on the train for York. What a nice little city that is. After my first night I had a full day of shooting with the little bundle of joy that is Nicole. It was my second time shooting with her and she's just awesome and funny and I had a great day, first shooting nudes at Nicole's Photography Palace (which is her flat) and then going for a walk through York, shooting some casual fashion (kind of) and portraits here and there. We did a bit of guerrilla style shooting, since Nicole decided to get naked in the museum park and we caught a few shots there in between looking out for people. Hilarious. We shall after this be known as "Team Guerrilla". Can't wait to shoot with her again. 

So after a second night here, I'm going to get ready to check out, have a little stroll around York and then catch the train back to London for a full week of shooting. Good times.