Fujifilm + Lensbaby = Yes

So, ever since I became used (obssessed) to shooting with my Fuji gear I've been thinking of the possibility of selling my Canon gear. I still haven't decided yet, but there's quite a big chance of me doing it. Anyhow, one of the things that I would miss out on would be my Lensbaby lenses. For some weird reason they haven't jumped on the Fuji-train and started making their lenses for the X-mount otherwise I would get a new Composer Pro for the X-mount.

But since it is what it is, I started looking around for an adapter for Canon EF-Fujifilm X-mount. I found one, well a few different ones on eBay and bought one. It cost me about $12 including shipping to Sweden. It's probably made in China, but I've tried it and it feels pretty damn solid and I have taken a few test shots inside and so far so good. This means I could use my other EF-mount lenses on my Fujifilm X-T1, but why? I mean, I've got nice lenses, but they're big, heavy (and I'd believe unbalanced on the X-T1) and since Canon (or 3rd party lenses for Canon EF) don't have an aperture ring, the aperture can't be changed and has to be "fully open". And even if I shoot "fully open" all the time with my Fuji gear, I still want and need to be able to close it down.

But, enough about that. I will give my Lensbaby lenses a go on my X-T1 at some point and will get back on the subject, with test shots.