Compact camera

So, I've got this little Canon IXUS 220HS which is for its price a really nice little camera that gives you pretty good images in good light and is very small. It feels rugged and I've dropped it straight down into pavement which it survived but with dents and scratches as a result. Still works perfectly. I like the idea of always having a camera with me (and to be honest, a smartphone does not beat a real camera, not even a compact one. The thing is that since I normally only shoot in RAW format, which gives you that extra control over the finished picture, it lacks something since it doesn't support RAW.

But I've ordered this Sony RX100 for my regular day job (which is not as a photographer, far from it)  and I've taken it home to try it out a little. And so far it's pretty fucking sweet and I am considering eventually getting one myself. I will probably write back when I've tried it out a little bit more.

Sony RX100