The HDR disease

First of all, I have to say that I do like HDR photography, I really do, and I do it myself.

I do like HDR photography that actually make use of the High Dynamic Range that you can get while stacking different exposures on top of each other. You can get wonderful results from that, if it's done the right way. But there's not only one way of doing it right, but the key thing is not to overdo it.

What I don't like are the photos that looks like someone's been vomiting floods of colour on them, making them only look way way unnatural and over the top. On top of that are the halos that are usually extreme in these photos. Halos are bad, m'kay? And I see lots of halos on photos that are not even HDR photos, but where people have been highlighting dark areas to such an extent that the end results are not good. To be honest, I think I have a little bit of halos on one of my b&w photos, and I might just throw that photo away or rework it.

Done. I deleted it. Might put a reworked version up at some point.