Thoughts about Fujifilm X-T1

I've had thoughts about getting a smaller camera. Not to replace my Canon 5D MkIII, since it could not do that, but as a complement to it and a backup. I've been thinking of maybe getting a new and higher end compact camera, maybe like the Sony RX100 (or II or III). Since I've been, not against since that would be totally the wrong word to describe it, but I haven't really embraced the compact DSLR before, since I like a camera to be a bit chunky to have the right feel to it. I still like my camera to be chunky, like my 5D MkIII with batterygrip, since it's perfectly ergonomic and suits me, but I've started to maybe consider looking into getting a compact DSLR as a second camera. I'm still not very fond of the 70's retro style, since that just seems trendy, and the couple of cameras I've had a look at before did not impress me. And also, I really don't like EVFs.

But these thoughts have come more into mind after my recent trips to London and Copenhagen, where I've had to admit that it would have been nice to have had a smaller and lighter system. It wasn't so much that it was too heavy to carry around, but it being a bit bulky and you sure stand out a bit more with a camera like the 5D MkIII + lens.

Though I haven't had my hands on the Fujifilm X-T1 and tried it personally, the reviews I've seen and read at least sounds more like it would actually be worth looking into. Sure, the Sony A7r takes very impressive photos, and I could use my EF-mount lenses on it, but that would still make it pretty big, since the lenses are still a bit big. And also, the autofocus seems sucky on the A7r which would somehow take away the purpose of getting another camera (since it would be for cityscapes and street photography, not for nature/landscape/seascape).

There are still some concerns, the EVF (but the X-T1 is supposed to pretty much be the best one so far), the limitation of only 3 auto-bracketed photos of only 1 EV (since I do a bit of handheld HDR), and fastest shutter only 1/4000 of a second (bad if you want to shoot on a large apperture in daylight and don't want to put an ND filter on just for that).

Anyhow, I will probably go and have an actual hands-on look at the X-T1 next weekend and then have another thought of what to do. I'm not in a rush.