Copenhagen Street Photography

So, I went to Copenhagen again yesterday to do some street photography. Street photography is not my speciality, but it's pretty damn fun to do. I went to Christianshavn, and to the world famous and unique place called Christiania. For anyone who doesn't know about Christiania, it is a freetown within Copenhagen city limits, develop in 1971 with quite a "hippie" feeling to it. Hard drugs are not allowed here, but soft drugs like cannabis/marijuana and hash are sold more or less openly (under stands with camouflage nets) on "Pusher Street" (called Green Light District by the Christianian council).

So, there are a few sketchy characters here and if you take out your camera on "Pusher Street" they will pretty much smash it and fuck you up, since selling drugs (even if it's the soft ones) is illegal in Denmark, these people don't want to be caught on camera doing that. There are a lot of signs around this area saying "No photography" and you really can't miss it, so if you'll get your camera smashed and your teeth kicked in, it's pretty much your own fault and it wasn't that you didn't get warned before.

I talked to a lovely local woman about photography and she said that it's no problems around Christiania, just not in the Green Light District and the area just next to it, so I took some photos and I'll go back and take some more another time. This place is truly unique, filled with houses looking like no other houses anywhere else. Many of the buildings in Christiania are old military buildings since pretty much all of Christianshavn is a former fortification and naval base from the 1600's, and others are built by people that actually were not carpenters or masons, they just had some vision and put all kinds of stuff together to form houses.

So, after Christiania on my way to take the Metro I met a girl and three guys coming from a party and definitely in a party mood. The girl asked if I wanted to take a few photos of her (she's the brunette in the brown jacket) and after reviewing it and happily saying "look, I'm a model" to her friends, she hugged me really hard and said "have a great day". That was fun and surprising and after that I took the Metro and I went on to walk around Strøget (Copenhagen's main shopping area) and do some more photography. It was a nice day and some of the shots are not that bad, I think.

As usual, I will divide this trip into a few posts, otherwise I believe there would be too many photos at once. Please enjoy.