NBD (New Bag Day)

I ordered and recieved a new backpack the other day, my third bag from F-stop, who makes the best photography bags on the planet.

I needed (wanted) something in between my Mountain Series Loka and my Millar Series Brooklyn Sling, so I got the Mountain Series Guru (with a Small Shallow ICU). I needed something that I can use back and forth from work everyday, where I can bring  (my Fujis) with me and that is big enough to house other things than cameras, but still not too big. The Loka is awesome, but it's too big for every day use in that way.

I will write a review when I've used the bag for a while, but since it's an F-stop bag it is obviously awesome and nothing else has to be said really, but still I want to use it for a while before writing something like a review.

I mention this since I see too many reviews of gear where people are "omg omg omg, I've bought this (insert gear) today and this is my review after using it for an hour and a half and it's so awesome (as in 'I-want-it-to-be-totally-awesome-because-I-paid-a-lot-of-money-for-it') and bestest evah!!!!11!!", and I'm not joining that club. So, I will be back with a review later.