London May 2015 Part 6

So this is the first blog post I'm doing after my long awaited upgrade to a new computer. My old laptop started to seriously fail me and making pretty much anything computer related to being a pain in the ass.

So I upgraded from a laptop PC to a desktop iMac (the 27" Retina 5k model). 

And after a couple of confusing hours on Thursday, I'm really starting to get a hang of this machine and I have to say that it's pretty f*cking brilliant. OS X, where have you been all of my life? 

Well, Windows (and especially Windows 7) has been pretty good, but I do like OS X Yosemite a lot and I did not like where Microsoft is taking its os, so in my opinion this was the only way to go, and I did want a change after 20 years on a PC. 

Anyhow, this was not going to be a post about PC vs Mac, but about a few more photos from my recent trip to the magnificent city of London. So here they are.