I like VSCO. Anybody who has looked through posts from about a year back have seen me using them. I am not really consistent as in "this is my look", and use the same all the time, instead use the one that I feel fits the mood of the photo or at least what I feel about that photo. 

But at the same time I only use about 4-5 different "film types" and tweak them a little like always putting film grain to 0 for example, since I don't like grain.

And also, I've only used VSCO on street and some portrait shots, and not on landscapes, mainly because I haven't really shot any landscapes in the last year or so. And I also only use it in Lightroom CC, I've got it on my iPhone but never used it there. Maybe should try that at some point, but then again, I hardly use my phone to take photos. 

Also, I don't know why I'm writing this...