The Angry Photographer

This is going to be a post about Ken Wheeler a.k.a. The Angry Photographer (after this referred to as TAP). 

This guy is well known in the photography community by now. He’s got a lot of videos on YouTube and he has been pissing me off for a while now. 

He presents himself pretty much as all knowing, loving everything Nikon, bashing everything that he in his own opinion does not like (like Sigma’s ART lenses, which pretty much destroys his beloved Nikon’s equivalent ones) whether it’s fact based or not. 

And he’s been bashing american photographer Jason Lanier for ditching his Nikon cameras and going mirrorless with Sony A6000 and A7 series cameras. Just stupid.

And while he’s been bashing mirrorless cameras for a long time, now he’s suddenly a big fan of Fujifilm X cameras and lenses. Though he doesn’t like the XF 90mm f/2 (which is the sharpest Fujinon lens to date). So yeah, he just posts opinions, not facts.

Myself I wasn’t very impressed with mirrorless cameras at all until I tried the Fujifilm X-T1, but I’ve never been bashing them before that, I was simply not impressed until the X-T1. Sure, I don’t like the handling of Sony’s cameras, but they produce amazing image quality and are great in that way. And I’d definitely say that mirrorless cameras is the future whether we like it or not.

Back to TAP. Okay, I’m not saying that everything this guy has said is wrong, and he does have knowledge about Nikon gear, but you really have to know that it’s still mostly his opinions. So after saying that TAP is claiming to be such an awesome expert on all things photography and everything else (if he can say it himself and he does), you would think that his photography is awesome. 


While googling him, trying to find his photography, all that can be found is a link to Flickr. And while I don’t see or present myself as an awesome photographer, the photos on The Angry Photographer’s Flickr page is to say the least, a bit underwhelming. Snapshots of girls/women in bikinis and some other snapshots is not something that is making me very impressed.

The only thing great with this guy is his own ego. It is huge.