The Angry Photographer

This is going to be a post about Ken Wheeler a.k.a. The Angry Photographer (after this referred to as TAP). 

This guy is well known in the photography community by now. He’s got a lot of videos on YouTube and he has been pissing me off for a while now. 

He presents himself pretty much as all knowing, loving everything Nikon, bashing everything that he in his own opinion does not like (like Sigma’s ART lenses, which pretty much destroys his beloved Nikon’s equivalent ones) whether it’s fact based or not. 

And he’s been bashing american photographer Jason Lanier for ditching his Nikon cameras and going mirrorless with Sony A6000 and A7 series cameras. Just stupid.

And while he’s been bashing mirrorless cameras for a long time, now he’s suddenly a big fan of Fujifilm X cameras and lenses. Though he doesn’t like the XF 90mm f/2 (which is the sharpest Fujinon lens to date). So yeah, he just posts opinions, not facts.

Myself I wasn’t very impressed with mirrorless cameras at all until I tried the Fujifilm X-T1, but I’ve never been bashing them before that, I was simply not impressed until the X-T1. Sure, I don’t like the handling of Sony’s cameras, but they produce amazing image quality and are great in that way. And I’d definitely say that mirrorless cameras is the future whether we like it or not.

Back to TAP. Okay, I’m not saying that everything this guy has said is wrong, and he does have knowledge about Nikon gear, but you really have to know that it’s still mostly his opinions. So after saying that TAP is claiming to be such an awesome expert on all things photography and everything else (if he can say it himself and he does), you would think that his photography is awesome. 


While googling him, trying to find his photography, all that can be found is a link to Flickr. And while I don’t see or present myself as an awesome photographer, the photos on The Angry Photographer’s Flickr page is to say the least, a bit underwhelming. Snapshots of girls/women in bikinis and some other snapshots is not something that is making me very impressed.

The only thing great with this guy is his own ego. It is huge.


Update June 28th 2017

To be honest, I’ve actually thought that “maybe I was too harsh” in my criticism of TAP in this post I made nearly a year and a half ago. 

But after watching the video TAP made together with Jason Lanier it’s painfully obvious that I wasn’t harsh enough.

TAP does not know how to take a decent photograph. 

He was using a Fujifilm GFX 50S, and he made it look like he took bad snapshots with a mobile phone. What in the unholy of fucks is this guy even doing with a GFX 50S!? That must be the single largest waste of money ever! 

I was hoping that maybe I was totally wrong and maybe I would be blown away about the awesome photos TAP would take in this video, but no, it just made it crystal clear that every thing I’ve ever thought about TAP was true. 

Once again, I very well know I’m not the best photographer myself ever and I’ve never claimed to be it either, but holy crap, TAP pretty much claims that he is and this is what he has to show off? Taken with a camera like the Fujifilm GFX 50S?! And while the Sony A9 that Jason used probably is a nice one, I'd believe the GFX 50S should have shown even better results, but in the hands of a total noob, nope.
It just makes it really clear that it doesn’t matter if you have the best tool ever, if you have absolutely no idea of how to use it, it’s pretty useless…

Anyways, have a look at the video. 


Also have a look at the photos taken at the time for the video. Both Jason Lanier’s and Ken Wheeler’s are posted on Jason’s blog.


Update May 11th 2018

Since I'm currently on a photography trip to the U.K. and with really slow wifi on my hotel and so on, I haven't really kept up to date of things going on. I got the link to this new video from one of my returning commenter (thank you), but since this video was only posted yesterday, I guess I'm not that much off. :) 

But I had to add this video to this post since this is truly a new level of disgusting behaviour from this hate spewing and constant liar. 

I don't know neither Jason Lanier or Ken Wheeler, though I have no reason to disbelieve in any what Jason Lanier says, since he does seem like a very genuine person to me, but I have all the reasons to disbelieve Ken Wheeler for all the evidences of the horrendous behaviour and his constant lying through the years. 

I really do hope Jason gets Ken this time, hopefully legally, since he really does need to be stopped. He has spread his bullshit and hate for too long. 

So for any Ken Wheeler fan and apologetic, you really have to think about what you're supporting.


Update June 3rd 2018

The above video is taken down for obvious reasons.

And I have cancelled the comments section on this post, since it's gone too far. 

Allegations thrown out against not only Jason Lanier but even Ken Wheeler without actual facts is not really cool, and the level of the discussion has been spiralling down.

So I have deleted all the last bullshit about allegations towards Jason and Ken.
The truth will come out sooner or later, and then we will all see what's been going on. 

I might open up the comments again at a later state.