Models booked for upcoming London trip

This is quite awesome. Two (and probably a third) models are booked and confirmed for my upcoming trip to London in May. 

A couple of probably very different sessions, with a couple of interesting and very different models, with different looks and style. And sessions going from (as far as we have discussed) boudoir, forest/field to urban/street style. I'm really stoked since this is going to be super fun and the first time shooting models abroad. The two already booked and confirmed are full time models, so no TFP sessions.

The rest of my time will be spent doing lots of street photography (my main reason for going to London in the first place) and some architecture/night shots and hopefully not getting harassed too much by security when it comes to the last bit. I'm also gonna try and probably visit Highgate Cemetery again (since it's so awesome) and hopefully also maybe Nunhead or any other of the Magnificent Seven. 

I'll see how much I can fit in my schedule since time isn't unlimited (unfortunately). 

And I'm gonna hang on Starbucks (and Pret a Manger) with my new MacBook Pro and be cool...

I will try and update my blog while in London (at Starbucks/Pret a Manger, lol) and maybe get some fresh photos on here right away (otherwise I guess there will be lots of them when I get home again). And of course, some will pop up on my Instagram too. 

But it's still another 2,5 weeks away before I'm leaving. Damn it...