Portrait updates

No updates on this blog for more than a week. 

Well, I've been sick since I came back from London. And I've been editing a lot of photos for my models and yesterday I was out shooting with Hanna. 

My London trip I can sum up with this. It was great in some ways and a bit of a let down in others. I shot three very different, but all very professional and super nice women which was a great experience. Some of it came out really good I believe, some of it didn't turn out as well as I hoped, mostly because of myself. But still, it was great and I had a great time meeting, shooting and talking with these three women. 

Then my street photography, well, I didn't feel that inspired when I was actually there. It's weird, since it's an awesome place to shoot, but still. I have started to go through these photos and I will start posting them here in my blog (maybe a couple in my cityscapes) within a couple of days, I believe. 

So if you haven't, head over to my Portraits section and have a look. First many photos from my shoot yesterday with Hanna and then my three models from London. Enjoy.