London Day 3

I had a model shoot planned for yesterday, with a very special young woman, the super cute, nice and professional Chloe. 

It went really well and we had an awesome Sunday afternoon, which started under Waterloo Station in the Leake Street Tunnel, on to a skate park in South Bank and ending up in Camden Town. I'm really impressed with her and I'm totally baffled since she told me about how few photographers that wants to work with her. Yes, she's got a different style and sure maybe it doesn't suit every kind of shoot, but look at her, her look is awesome! And she's so nice and good to work with and I really don't get it. Are photographers of today really that small minded and backwards? I guess you are, and fuck you if you're one of them. 

But again, I really like her and out of the blue we arranged another shoot today (in a few hours from now) for some shooting in Hyde Park. It's gonna be super fun and I'm really looking forward to it. 

And here's a test of one of the shots from yesterday. When I'm back in Sweden I will post process the rest of the shots and put some in my Portrait section.