Thoughts about the new Fujifilm X-T2

So the successor to Fujifilm's X-T1 was officially announced on the 7th of July, and here are some thoughts about some of the specs.

Again, these are thoughts about what I’ve read about the X-T2. I'm not an official X-photographer so I haven't been able to test it. In a way this camera is a bit exciting, in another it’s kinda meh, but still it’s the most exciting news this year from Fujifilm, since the X-PRO2 was and still is a totally uninteresting camera for me. 

So, let's go. 

  • 24,3 MP X-Trans CMOS III sensor. This is good and no surprise. It's supposed to be quite a bit improved, not only does it have 50% more pixels, but dynamic range is supposed to be even better.

  • X Processor Pro which handles operation, that will fasten things up and make it feel quicker. And with a new autofocus system with up to 325 autofocus points and about 40% of the imaging area has phase detection points. This leads to 8 fps with mechanical and 14 fps with electronic shutter in normal mode and 11 fps with mechanical shutter in boost mode with the new battery grip. Also pretty good news, but I’ll see if it’s actually any good when the camera actually is on the market. Don't know how useful that 14 fps with an electronic shutter, since I guess it's meant for moving targets and I don't know if they have worked around the rolling shutter problem with moving targets. I guess it'll get noticed when people are able to buy it.

  • They put that little joystick the came on the X-PRO2 on it as well. Not a surprise either, but it's good and will probably make moving and selecting autofocus point easier and faster. Something that I've been missing from my Canon DSLRs

  • New EVF, 2.36 million dot OLED, with a refresh rate of 60 fps in normal mode and 100 fps in boost mode. This is also really nice and will make the already excellent EVF even better. 

  • ISO, well I have to see it for myself. It’s supposed to be improved since the ISO capabilities of the X-T1 left a lot to wish for, but maybe it’s better now. 

  • Flash capabilities is supposed to have been improved and that’s good. Not sure how much though. High Speed Sync for example? Don't think it has it.

  • It’s a little bit bigger than the X-T1. Is that good or bad? Both I guess. It depends. Since I’m currently shooting mostly portraits I’ll buy the battery grip as well because of the extra shutter button and other controls. The availability to use more than onebattery (3 at the same time) is also good, though it’ll make it heavier. 

So, that's mostly pretty good things, and there are more specs, but read about them somewhere else, these were things that I felt like commenting on and these are positive things. Now to one major disappointment. 

  • 4K video? WTF Fujifilm!?! Why? If people wants to shoot video, buy a fucking video camera! This was rather disappointing, but still I’m not surprised. But it sucks. Fujifilm should have ditched video capabilities all together and just concentrated on making this an even better still camera, (since there are still things that needed to be improved on this release), not a fucking camcorder! A big minus in my book. 4K video just made it a lot more expensive. It's about 50% more expensive than the X-T1 was/is. That's a major raise in price. Yes, I can afford anyways, but still, others might be struggling. 

But still I'm gonna buy this camera. Of course I am. But I’m gonna try and keep it cool until the problems that all first batches of cameras have, are gone. I’m not even sure when it will be available in stores...