Yeah, I took the plunge...

...and pre-ordered the Fujifilm X-T2. 

And used a 50% off for the battery grip, since I shoot a lot of portraits these days. Based on what I've been reading about people's experiences with the camera, it seems like it is undoubtedly better than the X-T1 which still is in most cases a great camera that I use for nearly everything these days. And the X-T1 won't get retired either, it'll be with me either as simply a backup or as a second body with another lens mounted for quick changes (probably the last).

Sure, it's not gonna be perfect, there are still flaws on it. I'm still annoyed about the 4K video for example. Just made it unnecessarily expensive. And just take a look at it. It's obviously a still camera for photographers, not a video camera for videographers. And there are other things as well that I'm not content with, but it's still gonna be better in several ways.

I have no idea of when it'll be arriving, officially in September, but who knows when it'll be here in Sweden. But it would be cool if it came in the beginning of September since I have a shoot with Sara Scarlet in September. Oh well, we'll see. I will get back on it when I've tried it out for a while.