London July/August 2016 Day 10

So, yesterday was my last full day in London for this visit. As usual it didn't turn out as planned (nothing never does). I had a run in the city, having a look at a couple of things in a few stores (didn't buy anything) and had some food. While I was about to get on the Piccadilly Line back to my hotel for a chill (and for resting my blistered feet), at Holborn, it started to rain. 

That rain kept on going for the rest of the afternoon and the whole evening, spoiling my plans of grabbing some shots of The Shard at its base (London Bridge Station) and some evening/night shots at the Isle of Dogs. At the same time, I could give my feet a rest and maybe I can walk the rest of the day while travelling back to Sweden. 

It's been a pretty good trip, not as productive as hoped for, since I didn't find myself getting any good street shots, but had three nice shoots with Beth, Chloe and Lauren. And it was nice to catch up a little with Anna Quinn again and also to meet Ben and the others while doing the street photographer meet up. 

So thanks London, see you soon.