So I'm currently doing some changes here on the website. 

I've lately been experiencing some lagging while opening galleries when it's been loading the content and it's annoying and a couple of friends have pointed it out as well while having a look on my website. I've also been experiencing it while I've been updating my galleries and to be able to do that, I had to change plan and go for a new one more than twice the price, which kinda sucks.

But I've moved things around a bit, creating sub galleries under the portraits, nudes galleries for each model, and seascape/landscape/waterscape galleries and now simply call those nature

It helped in the galleries with less photos but not so much the ones that are image heavy, so I might have to get in touch with Squarespace and complain a bit since I now pay much more for this website. But I still like it and it's very nice to work with and I'm not so keen on doing coding and shit by myself since I'm not up to date with that. I once could do some html coding, but that was back in the day and now I'm just lost and not very interested in doing it either.

The last days I've also been editing photos of the lovely Diviana who I spent a day shooting nudes in the forest. I'll be done today and will probably be posting some new nudes tomorrow.

When I'm done with the nudes, I'll be editing some new photos I took with Hanna and they're probably the coolest ones we've done so far. I'll probably be posting these tomorrow as well.