iPhone 7

Yeah, I know, it's not really about photography. Well, it has a camera, there you go. 

I'm not gonna go into depths about the features of the phone with this post, there are plenty of other places to look for that. I'm just gonna say how ridiculous I think this release is. 

I've got the iPhone 6 myself. It's awesome and easily the best phone I've ever had. It's the 6, not even the 6s, since no one needs to upgrade as soon as something new comes out. I've had the iPhone 6 since February 2015 and it looks and feels like it's brand new. 

But the iPhone 7 just seem stupid. For example, Apple took away the 3,5mm headphone jack. How retarded is that? Sure, I've got a pair of Sennheiser Momentum II Bluetooth headphones with my iPhone 6, but I don't always use them, sometimes I use my Klipsch in-ear headphones instead since they're smaller and because of that, easier to bring and store. So now people need to use an adapter to be able to use their nice (not wireless) headphones which is retarded. And you can't charge the phone while listening to music while using that adapter, that is even more retarded. 

I've seen a few parody videos about the iPhone 7 and they hit the spot and I hope that Tim Cook and those other guys at Apple get the message. Sure, iPhone 7 is already sold out since people are stupid and can't stop consuming even with flaws like this. And there are other things that Apple brings up as innovations even if they're not really innovations. But Apple are masters at selling stuff. 

Don't get me wrong, I really like Apple and what they do. And like I said, my iPhone 6 is the best phone I've ever had. I've had a couple of Android phones and I have an Android phone at work, are they total crap? Of course not, but I'm personally never going back to Android again.
And my 27" 5k iMac is easiest the best computer I've ever had and my 13" MacBook Pro the best laptop I've ever had and I'm never going back to PC again. But is everything Apple puts out total awesomeness? Of course not. 

A conclusion to this, well I'm not buying the iPhone 7 since it's a stupid release. The iPhone 8 that will come next year is predicted to actually be a huge upgrade. Among other things there will be a new innovation called "the 3,5mm headphone jack" and if something happens with my iPhone 6, I might buy the iPhone 8 if I need to, even if it would end up a bit retarded. 

Follow up. 

I've got the iPhone 7. Lol

I know and I still believe that it was a stupid move to take a way the 3,5mm jack for example, though myself I bought the totally awesome but ridiculously priced Klipsch X12 Neckband Bluetooth in-ear headphones already to use with my iPhone 6, so it isn't a problem for me, but most people still use regular wired headphones so it sucks that they need an adapter which is not a step forward. 

And if I hadn't ruined my iPhone 6 on my latest London trip, I would not have bought the iPhone 7, that is a fact. I would have waited for an iPhone 8 instead. Now I'll wait for an iPhone 9 or 10 or something...