Are cameras sexy?

No. They're cameras. 

Came across this discussion on a Fujifilm group on Facebook. 
I understand if someone is enthusiastic about their new camera, but posting photos of your camera and saying it's sexy? It's a camera. It's a tool to take photos with, that's all it is. It's fine if you like it, but sexy? 

I prefer to shoot with my X-T2 (and X-T1 and X100t) because they're more fun and enjoyable to shoot with than my Canon 5D MkIII. And they're smaller and lighter with better dynamic range and so on and so one. And I like the "hands on" approach of the Fujifilm cameras, with the type of shutter speed and ISO controls that they have and the aperture ring on the lenses. Back to basics, kinda, but it makes them more fun to shoot with for me.

What I don't get is the sexy part. 
And I don't get why someone would be buying the newly announced graphite version just because "it looks cool". Especially not when people sell their X-T2 (or X-Pro2) and lose money, to buy the same camera, with the same specs, just more expensive, less stealthy and just completely unnecessary. If you buy a camera for its looks, you're a hipster. 

But congratulations Fujifilm, you've found a way to cash in on some people's GAS,