Getting into video

This is a something that I didn't think I was going to write. Getting into video. 

I used to do quite a lot of video work back in the early 90's with my oldest friend and a couple of others. We shot lots af concerts and things like that, had a pretty cool setup with several S-VHS cameras with live-mixing since it wasn't as easy to edit footage back then. We didn't have Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premier which anyone can buy for a decent price (or even regular iMovie free for anyone with a Mac).
This was kind of a semi-pro setup, I mean for the amount of jobs that we had, we could not even dream about upgrading to Betacam because of the enormous cost of only one camera and one lens (easily €50.000 back then). But it was fun and the results pretty good for that time. 

But since then, I have been totally uninterested in shooting video for years and years. But I've been thinking more about it lately. Mostly it's actually doing some behind the scenes while I'm doing model shoots for example, maybe incorporating both time-lapses and video. I've got the DJI Osmo Mobile gimbal for my iPhone7. And while a phone obviously isn't a Canon C700 or a RED camera, there have been lots of things shot entirely with iPhones with pretty impressive results for what it is, since it can shoot in 4K. And since my X-T2 shoots in 4K as well I've been thinking "why not?". With the gimbal/iPhone I can not only get steady shots, but I can have it follow and film me or my model while on a tripod. Pretty cool. 

I have no intentions of trying to jump on the YouTube band wagon and start doing videos about gear or whatever. I mean, you never know, but I don't think I want to be that much in front of the camera (I'm far too ugly). But I will probably shoot some nature/landscape video on top of documenting my shoots, maybe a short film or documentary, maybe some "what's in my camera bag", who knows? I've ordered a fluid-damped video head (probably will put it on my biggest 3LT tripod since it's the sturdiest) to be able to shoot some nice damped panning shots. It's not what I'm going to concentrate on doing from now on, but something that would be cool to take up again a little on the side. And with minor investments, I'll have a simple but functional rig for my ambitions. 

But I've been looking at the DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ since it's got a pretty nice camera, but it's €2000, so a bit expensive. But who knows, it would be pretty cool to shoot around some parts of the nature reserve close to my home, since there are many places that would be cool to shoot...