Fujifilm X-H1

I guess I should make a post about the new Fujifilm X-H1. 

Have I bought one? Nope. Will I buy one? Probably yes since I am getting into video as well. But since I have this upcoming trip to London which will be a pretty expensive one, I will have to wait until June or something like that before getting the X-H1. 

It seems pretty awesome, the IBIS seems pretty good in it even if Fujifilm said that it wasn't possible to do because of the size of the X-mount and things like that, but okay, if it works it works. I'm not so sure about the removing of the exposure compensation dial, since I like that for photography, but it might be okay. A bit bigger grip is welcome though and of course the internal F-log. I've been thinking of getting an external recorder for the X-T2, but since they are pretty expensive (about 2/3 of an X-H1) I've been hesitating after hearing more about the X-H1 and now when it's not rumours anymore I'll pass on the recorder and put down some extra money and get a whole camera instead. 

I think it'll be good and I'll get back to that in a few months.