I'm bored to death with gear heads.

Here we go again... 

So Nikon is entering the FF mirrorless arena with their Z6 and Z7. Who cares? A lot of Nikon shooters, I guess. And good for them. I'm just tired of all people who'll sell all their gear, be it what ever brand, just to get the newest. I've changed system twice myself. I had Minolta back in the 90's, moved to Canon in 2003 and in 2014 to Fujifilm (though kept my 5D MkIII for a while "just in case"). So one thing is if you want to change from DSLR to mirrorless for example, but going from Nikon to Sony to Fujifilm to Nikon again or any other path. Either read up on what system you're actually buying into, think about what you're shooting and what your needs are, don't be the first to jump on the train for something just because it's new or simply make your mind up and start shooting instead. 

Sure, if your camera's image quality sucks, get something newer, but no modern camera's image quality sucks, so most likely you've just got GAS. 

I still haven't bought the Fujifilm X-H1 for example. I use my money to hire models to actually shoot for example. But sure, I can see myself getting the X-H1 since I've been meaning to get into video for quite a while, but it will probably be its successor instead. Maybe. 

Is my X-T2 the best camera ever? Definitely not, but it's still pretty damn good, especially for what I shoot. Do I need 45 megapixels? Nope. Do I need FF? Nope. Though FF is better for higher ISO and also dynamic range so of course, that is a good thing. I could get even shallower DOF with FF, sure, but I don't really need any shallower DOF than I already have. Would I like an even better autofocus? Sure. Would a better Eye/Face detection be great? Sure, that could be cool. Do I need it? Nope. Would I switch to Sony to get FF, better autofocus and Eye/Face detection? Never. Sony is killing it right now and they've got cameras that delivers great image quality. Do I want one? Nope. Nothing about them gives me a bit of the good old GAS, I'm totally indifferent. 

One of the greatest things with the Fujifilm X-T2 for example, is that there are direct dials for ISO, shutter speed and exposure compensation and then you have an actual aperture ring on the lenses. I think the actual handling of the camera is second to none. I will never go back to anything else if I'm not forced to it at some point. And then we have the lenses. They are pretty damn good as well, probably some of the best lens lineups there are today, and they're also not extremely expensive (with an exception of the XF 200mm f/2). Would I'd like Fujifilm to make some things better, I sure do. Is it better in the X-H1, maybe a couple of things. Are things gonna be better in the upcoming X-T3, maybe but I can't say that I'm that interested in the rumours. I'll see when it's actually released, but I have no plans in getting one.  The camera that I'd really like to get is the Fujifilm GSX50s or what comes next in line.
THAT would actually be a nice upgrade that would positively enhance and affect my own photography. Will I ever do it? Probably not, the system is just too expensive.

Okay, back to what I meant this post to be about. Gear heads.
We have the ones that buy whatever is the newest thing, what's "in" and what's the "best" to have at the moment. And we have the ones that are trying to justify their own (bad?) choices and what they've put their money into, and like to bitch about every other brand. And I'm so fucking tired of it. 

People bitch a lot about the fact that the Nikon Z6 and Z7 only have one card slot. Is it a deal breaker? For some people maybe. I always shoot with dual cards in backup mode. I'm not a pro, and do not want to be a pro either, but since I book models, and put some money into that and since it would suck if the card fails and you lose the time and money put into it. Would most "pro" photographers like to use double cards, I guess probably most, but people bitching about that you can't do pro work with a single card is just retarded. 

Ah, I can't be bothered writing any more... but Matt Granger has some good things to say about the "single card problem" and some other things as well in this video. 
Check it out.