Not the best weather so far...

  • In London - check
  • Coughing lungs out - check
  • Fucked up weather - check
  • Having to cancel shoot - check

So far not so good. Had a shoot with Sara yesterday. Wasn't too good (not her fault) since it was absolutely freezing. And I normally don't get cold that easily myself, but I am not well yet so that didn't help, and I didn't want to torture Sara either. 

So after shooting for little while in the cold, I felt kinda unmotivated and I was ready to give up. So we stopped by for a couple of hot drinks at Costa, and Sara suddenly had an idea. So thanks to that and to the friend that Sara is staying with, we had a place to shoot a little bit more inside. 

At the same time Roswell, my model for today messaged me about her fear that today's weather was getting worse than it looked like before. And our plan wouldn't work in even colder, windier and definitely rainier conditions. So we decided to cancel today. I'm not happy about it, since I really like shooting with her and was looking forward to it, but at the same time our plan wouldn't have worked and it would be a waste of time for us both. So, I'm looking forward until her upcoming visit to Denmark/Sweden in a few months . We'll make something epic out of that instead. :)