Rotolight NEO

Since I recently started doing more model shots (which is awesome and super fun) I’ve been thinking of getting some extra lighting, since it's definitely needed in many situations, both as fill light or as an effect.

I prefer shooting in natural light, since I’m usually not that fond of the looks of most flash light photos, even though some are extraordinary. Also since I don't have all the equipment or the experience with using it either. 

But since I started following Jason Lanier on YouTube a while ago and saw him using the continuous LED lights from Rotolight, that got me interested and thought that it might be something for me. Continuous lights are much more appealing to me, since you can see the actual result directly in camera (specially if you're using a mirrorless one). 

So just now (after waking up in the middle of the night) I took the plunge and ordered the NEO directly from Rotolight (cheaper w/ 10% off through Jason Lanier, and also, it’s available which it’s currently not in Sweden) and I’m really looking forward to using it on a model shoot (my next one is on Sunday, so I guess next shoot after that) and I’ll write something here about my experience with it.

P.S. I should actually make my self clear here. What I meant with not liking flash lit photos is flash lit photos shot in studio, mostly since I don't like studio shots that much, since it looks, well, like shot in a studio. I specially don't like photos shot with cheesy fabric backgrounds. I shoot on location, only on location. And one rewarding thing is to find something that works great as a background for these shots and it's not super easy to find interesting ones.